Dear Parents!


Dear Peacocks parents!


I am writing this letter to all of you to talk about the changes in Peacocks. Sorry that it took a while to send this information, but I wanted to make sure every peace was in it´s place before announcing the changes.


Mimmi Solberg,has been working at the Kiwis group because Paulina Eimre had to leave earlier due to her pregnancy. We needed someone to take over the group and Mimmi volunteered.

Thank you for your help. Mimmi!


Monique Johansson, who has been in sick-leave since the beginning of october, has now decided to move on to new challenges and she will not come back to the pre-school.

We wish her good luck in her future projects.


ASMA BILAL has been working instead of Monique since the beginning of october and she is doing a really great job. She is a Montessori teacher and her skills and knowledge is a great asset to the group. The children are very comfortable with her.


CORRIE SUTHERLIN, majored in english in college, basketball player and coach, is the Peacocks team leader together with FLORENTINE JENSTER . 


Corrie is also our mathematics mentor and is doing a great math work with the children in groups as well as individually. The children love him!

Florentine is a junior school teacher with her university degree from Holland. All children know her because she has been working at the pre-school for almost 2 years. She is working 45% ( Wednesdays and fridays) because she is also working as a teacher in the Dutch school.


SAVITA CHAUDRY is working 55% (Mondays, tuesdays and thursdays ). She has the bachelor degree in sciences and zoologi and masters in english. Savita has been working at the pre-school since august and all children know her very well.


The Peacocks´teachers are :

Corrie, Florentine, Asma and Savita


The teachers have been working together since the beginning of october and the Peacocks children are settled down as an unified group.

I am really happy with the Peacock´s group. They are working beautifully together.

They had a great time with the Olympics, The health day, The chemistry day, the Halloween party and they had a great time  at the theater yesterday.


Right now it´s all about Thanks giving and afterwards it will be time for Nobel day and Lucia.


If parents would like to come and spend the day with the group, you are very welcome! That is the best and only way to experience the group, the teachers and the children together. You would be impressed.


Just tell the teachers in advance so we don´t have several parents at the same time.


I hope I have been answering most of your questions.

If you have any doubts, please let me know!


Have a great week-end

Best Regards

Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan International Pre-school Täby

Tel: 0723-712800

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