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Hello Cockatoos parents,

Our learning

This week we learned about the colors red, pink, green, orange, blue and yellow, white and black

We learned the shapes: octagon, rectangle and oval.

We played different games around the classroom and school to try and find the same color or same shape. Photos will be put in their portfolio.

Next week we will learn: Patterns on fabrics and we will go outside and find shapes and colors again.


Information from us

To make it easier for both staff and parents, it’s important to clearly label all items of clothing that are being worn at the school. In the rush of getting ready, clothes can be misplaced or lost if not labeled. All clothes with no labels will be put in the lost and found department.

As winter is fast approaching, now would be a great time to clear out any unnecessary summer clothing, and bring in some winter woollies! If it’s a nice day we will be outside, so scarves, gloves, beanies and winter jackets are required.

To avoid any confrontation with other children, it’s important to only bring comfort toys to school. Bringing toys from home can create conflict and tears when they have to be put back in their locker.  


Important dates

          September 25th: Retake pictures

          September 26th: Parent meeting 18:00 – 19:30 Please notice that only parents are invited to this meeting


Health and Sick Policy

          Please find attached in this email


Also in the attachment the newsletter from Sara and Coral.

To ensure we have everybody’s correct email address, can you please reply back to this email for conformation before next Tuesday.

Thank-you and Warm Regards,
Florentine, Corrie and Ashlee


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