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June Newsletter


Hello Parents

The spring term is just a few short days from ending, and I would like to thank you all for making this a fantastic term!

Summer Vacation

Our preschool here at Maskinvägen will be closed from next week, Monday July 2nd, and will open again on Monday July 30.  Futuraskola Ensta will be open for the summer care. Each department has sent out information to those of you who will be attending summer care.


Bring everything home

Most of our children will be switching dressing rooms this fall, and most will switch classrooms, which means everything needs to be brought home for the summer. Everything that isn’t brought home will be placed in bags and put in our storage rooms over the summer while our cleaners are here. Items left over the summer will reappear sometime after we open again in August and be placed on a lost and found table.



Date to remember

We have our annual Kick-Off in August for all of Futuraskolan, and that day is scheduled for Friday August 17th. No regular care will be offered that day, so as to allow all of our staff to attend.



Fall Term

We open again on July 30th, and fall-term starts the 20th of August. We will use those first three weeks to set up our classrooms, fix the dressing rooms for the children, and prepare for the children to return/start etc.  In August, I will send out more information about the groups/teachers for the fallterm.


For those of you who are not returning this fall, I wish you the best of luck! I hope you all have a fantastic summer vacation, and I look forward to see those of you who will return again this fall. Thanks again for a great term!



Kind regards,

Coral Ljunggren



Pre-School Principal

International Pre-School Brunbärsvägen & Täby


Telefon: +46767-23 21 92

Last newsletter this term


Dear Penguin parents,


This will be the last email for this term thank you all for making it such a lovely year. Please try and collect spare clothes and extra nappies from your child’s spot and from their boxes! Anything left that is marked with names will be moved up to their spot for next year. Please also take this opportunity to look through our lost and found boxes in the hallway.


We had a very exiting play day last week when we visited our classroom for next year. The dressing up clothes and the new toys in the classroom inspired loads of new games and at lunchtime everyone was having so much fun no one wanted to leave!


We have also visited the park, enjoying fruit snack in the grass and swinging and sliding till our hearts content.


It was great to see everyone at our summer party last Thursday and it was a fantastic way of finishing the year off. All the children had practiced the summer songs with great enthusiasm, the sun came out and thank you to everyone who brought something to eat or drink in.


This Friday 22nd of June we are closed for midsummer, happy celebrations everyone.


So we wish you all a happy summer holiday and welcome back next year as Cockatoos!


Best wishes

Angelika, Corrie and Adelina



I would just like to inform you all that we are having cases of chickenpox in the school! If your child gets the virus our policy is that you keep them home until the blisters have dried up and there’s a crust, and they are well enough to come back. If you have any questions come find us to ask or send us an email, we will help as much as we can.


Jag skulle vilja informera om att vi har haft fall av vattenkoppor på förskolan! Om ert barn får viruset är vår policy att ni håller dem hemma tills kopporna har torkat ut och fått en skorpa, och de är friska nog att komma tillbaka. Om ni har några frågor kom och hitta oss eller skicka ett mejl, vi hjälper så gott vi kan.


Here is a useful link with more information about chickenpox its signs, symptoms and treatment. 


Kind regards




Dear Penguin parents,


We are now coming to an end in the term and it has been a fantastic year for us teachers caring for all your children. We have grown together as a class making lots of new friendships as we have also grown in size. Next term a new exiting year awaits in the Cockatoo class. We will arrange a visit day when we go to see the new classroom upstairs and play with their toys, something to look forward to. 


It has as always been a busy last few weeks with many outside activities, take a look in our newly planted back garden that keeps changing, many little changes and additions are coming into place. 


This week you have all seen Adelina who has been a regular sub in school during this term, she will be helping us in the Penguins as our newest team member for the rest of the term! 


The next few important dates that are coming up are:

  • 14th June Summer Party 15.00-16.00
  • 15th June Staff Development Day, No Regular Care offered
  • 22nd June Midsummer’s eve, School closed

For the summer party we are asking you parents to please help out if you can by bring in, vegetable and fruit trays, drinks and baked goods. We will supply hotdogs (and veggie dogs) and condiments for everyone. If your child has a specific dietary need (e.g. gluten free) you need to bring in appropriate replacement option (e.g. gluten free cake). As this is a party and we are celebrating we are not enforcing our minimum sugar policy on this day which means cakes and cookies are allowed!! Please have all food items cut, portioned out, ready to serve and eat when brought to us. So feel free to sign up (penguin sheet is on the drying cupboards downstairs) and bring in food supplies on the morning of the 14th.


We are slowly nearing the end of term and hope you all are looking forward to and exiting summer holiday, but before that we hope to see everyone at our Summer Party on the 14th of June at 15.00 to celebrate our year together. We will eat lots of nice food and play fun games. 


All the best your Penguin teachers

Angelika, Corrie, Sandra and Adelina

May newsletter


Hello Parents

The spring term is rapidly coming to an end, with just a few short weeks standing between us and summer vacation. These short weeks are jam-packed with events and squeeze days so don’t forget to enjoy the sunshine!

Summer Party

At the end of the year we host a summer party where we invite all of the children and parents to attend. The party is on JUNE 14th from 15.00-16.00. Each classroom, i.e. parent volunteers, provides fruit/veggies, drinks, and baked goods in an amount that is enough for about 20 children and 40 adults. We then place everything out in true picnic/potluck style for everyone to enjoy. The teachers will grill hotdogs and provide some games/activities for the children to do during the party. Each classroom will send out some more information about the party as we get closer to the date.


Dates to remember

We have a couple of dates to keep in mind now before the term ends.

Swedish National Day

·         Tuesday, June 5th- no regular care is offered after 14.00

·         Wednesday, June 6th– is a holiday, so the preschool is closed.


Staff Developmental Day

·         Friday, June 15th– no regular care is offered



·         Friday June 22nd– is a holiday, so the preschool is closed.


Summer Vacation

Futuraskola Ensta pre-school will be open for the summer. We have very few children who will be attending summer school so we have decided to have one teacher from the upstairs and one teacher from the downstairs working during summer vacation. These teachers will change each week. I will send out more information about who is working which week directly to the families that have asked for summer care.


Fall Term

As I sure many of you are wondering about the fall line-up, and what will be happening at the school this fall I wanted to give you all the information that we have to date. Seeing as it is May, and it is quite a few months until the fall term begins, it is very possible that things may change between now and then, but here is are the groupings to date.


Some general information about our thought process has been that there is always one person who follows the children to the next classroom as the children move up to the next class. For those of you who have read our equality and language policies, we like to have one male in every classroom as well as a native English speaker and a native Swedish speaker. I usually like to have one person stay on with the age-group so as to utilize the experience that we have gained over the previous year.


























Anushka 75%










Anushka 25%


As you may notice, the groups and school are not full yet. We were expecting to reach capacity of 100 children by this fall, but will more than likely land at about 86 which is about the size of the school right now.


Nicole has been offered and accepted a position at the head office starting full time this fall.  She will Futuraskolan’s registrar and customer manager which means that she will bringing a lot of what she already does for Maskinvägen with her and centralizing it for all of our Futuraskolan schools.  We are thrilled and proud that Nicole has been given this opportunity, and will miss her tremendously in our day to day.


Please let me know if you have any questions otherwise I will see at the summer party!


Kind Regards,

Coral Ljunggren


Pre-School Principal

International Pre-School Brunbärsvägen & Täby


Telefon: +46767-23 21 92