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Dear Parents



Från: Adriana Noren []
Skickat: den 29 januari 2013 20:18
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Ämne: Dear Parents


Dear Parents!


Thank you for the great feed back and all the comments, opinions and suggestions 

before, during and after the parent´s meeting. I really apreciate the open dialog.


The rearrangement is ready and all the kids whose parents agreeded and are happy about it, will be changing classrooms. 

We as a school feel that this is the best way to move forward, both for our current and future students. 

Redefining classes has worked positively in other international pre-schools and it is also a common practice in many other countries, including the USA. This makes it easier for students to make new friends, and to learn to adapt to new situations. 

We have begun our journey as a pre-school and we want to come together as one student body!

As we move forward, we want to continue to build unity across the year groups as well as within the pre-school.


We will soon start with the workshops in order to make the schooling-in between classrooms as smooth as possible.


You have all got a questionnaire from Täby kommun and Futuraskolan.

Please bring it back to the pre-school because we need to send it back to PULS on the 5th february.

You can put  the envelope inside a black box that is in my office or you can give it to one of our staff members.


I want to remind all parents that on thursday 31st january we will retake the pictures 

of the kids that are willing to do it!

There is a list in the entrance of the pre-school (On the elevator´s door) with all the names of the kids that we know about. 

If you want your kid to retake the picture, please check if his/her name is on the list!

The pictures will be taken between 09.30-12.00


On the 8th february we have Development Day- The pre-school will be closed.


Tomorrow I will travel to London together will all the Futuraskolan´s principals and we will attend a great event called 

BETT – Powering Learning at Excel London.

It will be three days of conferences and workshops.

Futuraskolan is always reinforcing their leaders – Making a good platform for the children.

”Progressiveness, Energy and Respect”- That´s the values we treasure the most.


When I come back to Sweden, I will be attending 3 days of Seminars at Uppsala University for the Principal Program (Rektors program)  

5th – 7th february


I will be checking/answering my e-mails everyday and will check my voice mail as often as I can.

If you need any help during this time, please contact Olga Chavez.

She is one of the staff members and she works at the Penguins tel: 073-7744104


See you all soon!

Best Regards


Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan- International pre-school of Täby

Mobil: 0723-712800

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family tree




Hello Parents,


As you know, we have just begun with our new theme ”All about me”.  ´The Cockatoos will be doing activities dealing with self awareness, their bodies, family etc.  We thought it would be a nice idea for the children to create their own family tree.  If it is possible, we would like every child to bring in pictures of family.  From themselvs to as far back a generation as possible.  We would like to begin this activity on Monday the 4th of February. We are able to color copy the photos and send them back home with the children.



Florentine and Corrie

Book Club





My name is Alison Levin and I have children in the Kiwis and  Flamingoes classes.  Last year I was on the PSA and started the Scholastic Book Club at Futura International Pre-School.  I’m no longer on the PSA but have agreed to continue to volunteer to run the Book Club for the pre-school.  On Wednesday I put a leaflet in your child’s spot at the pre-school and set up our ISBC school group order online. This means you can now order all the books in your Book Clubs leaflet and many more at and have the books delivered directly to school.

You need to order your books by February 7, 2013. After that date, I’ll confirm that all orders are in and the books will be delivered to school for me to put in your child’s spot. Every book you buy from ISBC helps us to earn commission to spend on much-needed books for our library!  A big thank you to all the parents who ordered from the last leaflet.  Thanks to you we were able to get several new books for the pre-school!

Take a look at what’s on offer here – there are some great bargains as well as books that you won’t find on any other book club!  Be sure to order directly from and not Scholastic’s general website so that the pre-school can benefit from your order and receive the free books that will be allocated because of your order.  Thanks for your support!

Kind regards

Alison Levin





Dear parents,

Our learning

This week we finished painting our bodies and all the children made their own face. We have been playing the game ‘no feet on the floor’ in the gym. We played a game where the children need to point their body parts and also point these body parts on another body. That was a lot of fun!

In the classroom we have a cabin with draws. In here all the games and books, fitting the theme, are.

Also we added a few new learning materials in the classroom. We have pictures with the activities of the day. We have the numbers from 1-10 and we have the days of the week. In next few weeks we will add the ABC, the month of the year and the seasons with their birthdays. Also all the children will have a picture on the ground for circle time.

Information from us

The new theme all about me will be about our body, where we come from, food that we like, our family and much more. If your child would like to bring books or games about the body, food etc. you are more than welcome to!  We will have a cabin with all games and books where children can work with after circle time.

We would like to ask all the parents to call or text us if your child is sick, not coming or if you are going to be late. Our number is: 070 4749286.

Parent meeting:

After Adrina spook to the parents (we hope everybody can reed the notes she sent to you by mail), the parents went to the room where from their child. We talked about:

– Circle time: Circle time is an important moment of the day, children are learning a lot. When the circle time is being interrupted, the pedagogical moment is gone.

We looked at the children’s schedules and we decided that we will have snack from 9-9.15 and the circle time from 9.15-10.00. Please do not enter the room between 9.15 and 10.00. On the door there will be a picture of chairs in a circle; this is the sign that we are having circle time.

– Park day! On Friday we go to the park. In wintertime this is the hill behind the swimming pool in the little park. We will be having snack from 8.45- 9.00 and we will leave the building at 9.30. Please make sure we can leave the building at 9.30 so the children have enough time to enjoy the park.

– Saying goodbye to your child is always difficult. Children get used at the time that you stay in the room. They will expect you to stay longer and longer. This way saying goodbye will be more and more difficult. We want to ask you to try not to stay to long in the classroom.

– The corners in the room

– The new theme All about me

– If you would like to join the class for a day, you are always welcome. Please let us 2 days on forehand know.

– At the moment not all the children are sleeping anymore. This is no problem, please let us know if you want your child to sleep or not (or for instance 30 min).


Important dates

8th of February: Development day for the staff. The pre-school is not offering normal care. If you need care that day, please inform Adriana.

28th of March: regular pre-school is open till 14.00
29th of March: closed for Good Friday
1st of April: closed for Easter

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Best regards,

Corrie and Florentine



Minutes from the parents meeting!



Från: Adriana Noren []
Skickat: den 24 januari 2013 13:06
Till: Adriana Noren; Cockatoos; Peacocks; Flamingoes; Penguins; Kiwis; Ducklings
Ämne: Minutes from the parents meeting!


Dear Parents!

Here are the minutes from the parents meeting 23/01

The classrooms will be sending their working plan on friday together with their newsletter!

Best Regards


Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan- International pre-school of Täby

Mobil: 0723-712800

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doc icon Parents-meeting.doc

Asta i Himmelen, jul och kvartssamtal

Mor pyntar engagerat inför julen och det blir verkligen fint. Grannen Pia väljer granen åt mig och den får godkänt. Skinka och sillsallad är på plats plus alla nordhagerska smaskigheter. Det dansas Gangnam Style och Lasse Berghagen. Grannen Jeremy är tomte och jag motsvarande packad dito med tysk brytning. Roligt! Kaminprojektet tar aldrig slut men den snurrar igång den 15 december 2012 så får vi se vad det ger. Den optimeras, styrs av Homematic-systemet och en extra fläkt forcerar ner värmen i källaren. Far njuter när diagrammen visar inställda 22 grader i matrummet med osannolika 0,4 graders avvikelse.

Vår kära Golden Retriever Asta lämnar jordelivet för Hundarnas Rike och pojkarna grubblar över döden som även för vuxna är ett svårt begrepp. Asta är borta. Men ändå inte. Himmelsmetaforen tjänar som tröst för att göra det obegripliga mer begripligt. Hon ersätts dock i hemlighet av Wilma, en fyraårig krabat som vi hoppas se mycket av, även hon en “Golden”.

Barnen utvecklas på alla sätt och vis. Jonathans otroliga fingermotorik och vackra bilder imponerar. Han är den enda i dagisgruppen som i sitt självkroppsporträtt ambitiöst försökt rita dit fingrar och han målar figurer i en otrolig detaljrikedom med skärp, hår, ögon, armar etc. Hans bröder är vare sig intresserade eller ens i närheten lika fingerfärdiga men de har andra kvaliteter, förutom att de bara är goda människor: på kvartssamtalet får vi veta att det är fyra barn på hela förskolan som spontant leker med bollar och två av dem är Micharl och Christoffer. Det var ett intressant samtal och lite av ett första betyg. Våra söner får idel gott omdöme och det är roligt att höra hur Christoffer gärna hjälper och tröstar alla barn. Corrie säger det med sådan inlevelse och visar hur Christoffer kan lägga sig jämte det gråtande barnet på golvet för att fråga hur det är med det. Barnen är oerhört tajta men leker även med andra barn, framförallt Jonathan. Han bara försvinner in i sin värld av små figurer och pärlor. Förskolan har helt klart fått ett lyft av Adriana, den nya rektorn, och saker och ting hamnar på plats. Hon tar sig tid och är med inledningsvis på samtalet vilket vi uppskattar. I slutet måste jag fråga om de verkligen har varit ärliga med tanke på allt positivt de har sagt. “Ja” säger de enstämmigt.

Barnens resonemang blir mer och mer abstrakta och de försöker tänka sig in i hur andra tänker: “Agneta måste ha blivit ledsen när Asta dog?!”. Otroligt empatiskt och insiktsfullt. Men fajterna finns där än och öronpropparna kommer ibland till bruks. Vi är otränade och överviktiga men inser ändå att saker och ting går framåt hela tiden. De är 110 cm långa med Jonathan i spetsen och garderoben måste ständigt bytas ut. Så oändligt många år är det väl inte kvar tills de kan klappa oss på huvudet och säga “Men lilla pappa!. De leker aningen bättre med bilar och med varandra. Kojan uppe på översta våningen är en hit, dit de smugglar singoallakex och annat förbjudet.

December är kallt med -4 grader i snitt och vi kämpar med bilen upp för backen på Lahällsvägen. Den nye grannen presenterar sig och hur han skall klämma ner sitt hus praktiskt tagit i en ravin och i den ficka som ligger vid Jeremy och Pia. “Järvt!” säger jag till honom och bevakar våra intressen på det lilla köksmötet hos Knights och då med annexet i åtanke. Marianne har fått upp en jättefin skylt och hennes SPA tar mer och mer form. Kunderna strömmar inte till i skaror men hon ger inte upp.

Far pendlar än till sitt Schweiz men lovar sin vana trogen att komma hem i år. Pojkarna är stora nu och jag vill inte missa mer trots att jag inte tycker att jag har missat massor. Det handlar minst lika mycket om att rädda Marianne som har bröstsmärtor och är oändligt slut. HÅLL UT!

Fyraårskontrollen går bra och Christoffer hör perfekt. De babblar på och skojar med sjuksyster. När de ser en man på en häst frågar syster vad de ser: Piff & Puff svarar “En häst” och “En pojke”. Jonathan svarar “Det är en människa som rider på en häst”.

Kids – we love you!

Parent meeting 23rd january!


Dear Parents!


I am happy to say that the lightning is already out in our playground!

Now the kids can play when it´s dark! That´s Great!


At the same time I am looking into different outside storage options…( With a roof for your trolleys).

We want to invest in a lot of outside toys for the spring BUT we need an outside storage before that in order to avoid theft.


Our "water room" is almost ready and our "Computer corner" is now a great hit ! The kids love it!


The "Art room" has now several tables and chairs and the kids are able to work in bigger groups with thematic activities.


I have a lot of ideas for the "Gymnastics room"…And I will get back to you as soon as I have more details about it.


I am intensively working on our pedagogical environment in all levels.

Regarding the pedagogic physical environment, we have now two mentors (Jessica and Monique DP)

who will be attending several workshops in this matter.

It´s very important that the staff get extra education in different things.


Last week I went through all the working plans from all the classrooms and I have revised all of them together with  our great teachers. We decided that we will rearrange some of the classrooms. Many kids are old enough and mature enough to go to the next group. Why wait until august? We are striving for the kid´s best interests and if they need challenges, we will give them that! The more challenges they have, the greater is the development! 

By adjusting the groups we wil be able to work in a more pedagogical way.

The details will be explained during  our parent meeting on the 23rd january.


I would like to remind you all once again about our PARENT MEETING!


Date: 23rd january!

Time: 18.00-20.00


This meeting is for the parents only, so please pick up your children before that!


It´s very important that you all attend to the meeting.

I will be talking about some new routines and important information.

And afterwards, the classrooms´teachers  will show you their working plans!


I hope to see you all there!

Best Regards


Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan- International pre-school of Täby

Mobil: 0723-712800

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Menyer VT 2013



Från: Adriana Noren []
Skickat: den 13 januari 2013 14:55
Till: Adriana Noren
Ämne: VB: Menyer VT 2013


Dear Parents, 

Here is the pre-school Meny for the spring term!

It´s written in swedish but we will have it translated into english every week.

You can also find it on our Information board by the entrance of the pre-school!

Best Regards



doc icon Vårterminens-Meny-info.doc
doc icon VT-2013-v.2.docx

Schedule children



Från: Adriana Noren []
Skickat: den 8 januari 2013 18:52
Till: Adriana Noren
Ämne: Schedule children


Dear Parents!


If you haven´t done it yet, please write your child´s schedule and give it to the teachers as soon as possible.

I will change the staff´s schedule according to the children´s.

You can fill it out and send it by e-mail to the teachers.


Here are the dates when the pre-school will be closed.

The dates are until june/2013



8/02- Staff development day



29/03- Långfredag



01/04 – Annandag påsk



01/05- Valborg

03/05- Staff development day

09/05 -Kristi himmelsfärdsdag



06/06- Sveriges National dag

21/06- Midsommarafton


Best Regards


Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan- International pre-school of Täby

Mobil: 0723-712800

E-mail:” >



doc icon Schedule-children.docx

Happy new year!



Från: Adriana Noren []
Skickat: den 7 januari 2013 16:24
Till: Sara Drew
Ämne: Happy new year!



Dear parents!


Happy new year!

I hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays!

It´s really nice to have the children back and the new year will surely be great. J


We have been working a lot and organizing the whole pre-school and there´s a lot that has been done.

We have done new schedules for the classrooms and all the children will have time to be at the Art room, the Water room and the Gym!

We will also have a lot of outings, so please bring warm clothes according to the weather.


We have now 2 computers for the children and we will introduce Computer time to all the classrooms.


We will introduce a new routine where the staff will describe the kid´s activities  and we will be showing the pictures taken during the day in our digital frames.

This will start as soon as we have all the USB-storage-devices available.


All classrooms will send newsletter every week.


Children´s schedule –

If you haven´t done it yet, please send your child´s schedule to the staff so we will be able to fix the staff´s schedule accordingly.



Some important dates:


23rd January – Parent meeting! 1800-2000

The children must be picked up before the meeting.

Hope to see you all there!


31st January – ABC_gruppen will be at the pre-school from 10.a.m until 12 to take individual pictures of the children.

If you are interested to retake the picture of your child, please contact the staff and the principal about this!


08th February – Staff´s development day– Pre-school closed!


20th February – :Little Vasa Loppet – We will have a lot of outside activities with the children.

Please dress the children according to the weather.


Regarding the lightning outside: We will soon have a solution for it.

Fastpartner is working on a proposal and will send it to us during this week!

Believe me, I have been calling them everyday!

(Nobody was working the past 2 weeks)


There is a lot that has been done and still a lot to do!

In January, my priorities will be the outside lightning, the gym/sports room and the pre-school´s working plan.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for your time!


Best Regards


Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan- International pre-school of Täby

Mobil: 0723-712800

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