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En nygammal blog ser dagens ljus

Goddag släkt,

Flykten från Googles onda klor har mynnat ut i en flytt av bloggen till När man har loggat in med sitt förnamn och förnamn som lösenord väljer man “Knattarna Christianssons blog” uppe till vänster och därefter “Visit site”. Detta för att inte obehöriga skall ha tillträde.

Återkommer  i vanlig ordning när andan faller på.


Our First Birthday & Vinterkräksjuka/Winter stomach flu


Dear Futuraskolan Families,


There have been a few children and staff members who have been sick this week with the winter stomach flu (Vinterkräksjuka), and to reduce the spread of this virus, we kindly ask you to keep your sick children home from school 48 hours after their last symptoms. We will also be taking some time to disinfect toys and wash bedding and other items in the affected classrooms. I’m also attaching here a copy of our health and sick policy.


Tuesday, February 7th next week marks one year since we opened here in Näsbypark. We plan to celebrate with the children at our snack time on that day and invite you to join us on February 21st from 15:00 – 16:00 for a special open house/fika with Semmlor. We appreciate all the support you have given us throughout this past year & hope you join us to celebrate on the 21st.


Med Vänlig Hälsning/Best Regards,


Nicole Vickers

Pre-School Coordinator

Futuraskolan International Pre-School Täby

Maskinvägen 1, 183 53 Täby

076-723 38 69



doc icon Health-and-Sick-Policy-email.doc