Dear Flamingoes Parents,


Here is our newsletter for this week.


First, we would like to welcome our latest additions to our aquarium, guppies! We got guppies on our latest

trip to täby this wednesday. Be sure to drop by and check them out!


Also, you have probably noticed the recent changes in the dining room. We want to thank you all, the parents, for your tremendous help and for continuing to help build our wonderful school. Our preschool is for everyone to be involved in. Furthermore, we have an inspiration board located at the top floor, near the staff room, in which you all are more than welcome to write any ideas you would like to contribute to the further development of our school. We are going to be the best!


Now to what we did this week. 


Our Learning


This week we continue our theme of "jobs". We went to täby centrum and borrowed many books on the jobs that our flamingoes wanted to be when they grow up such as the ever so popular firefighter and even a star wars book. We have asked our flamingoes many questions related to what job does what and really let them explore what a job means. In working with our job theme, our aim is to develop their curiousity and enjoyment in this theme and to show the flamingoes that all jobs are important.


To develop their sensory skills of taste and seeing, we expiremented with dissolving sugar and salt in water and had our flamingoes guess which one dissolved first. The flamingoes could then taste the solution and decide which one they liked better. We had a lot of fun doing this experiment! In addition, on gym day, we worked on developing their sense of touch and memory by having our flamingoes memorize the layout of the pillows and then blindflolding them so they can get as many pillows as possible.  


In reflecting our theme as an international preschool, we have also been working on developing their communication skills in different languages by compiling and starting to sing songs in spanish, english, italian, swedish, german, etc.


To develop their gross motor skills, on gym day we have a variety of fun activities such as tying together one leg of a flamingo to another and had them race back and forth. We also laid out an obstacle course where each flamingo had to jump over a progressively taller object to reach the end of the mat. The flamingoes had a lot of fun participating in on gym day!


Best Regards,


If you have any questions please let me know.


Darren, Paulina & Therese


Flamingoes Phone number: 070 474 8914

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