Dear parents,

Our learning

This week we talked about Sweden. The children have been making the Swedish flag; they have seen some typical Swedish subjects, such as Bamse. The children have been drawing pictures for him and everyone has an envelope with a stamp from Bamse. Next week we will send the letter by going to a mailbox!
On Thursday we went to the library, we took the buss and had a short walk. The children listened to a Swedish story and talked with the librarian.  Also they had the opportunity to read some books themselves in the library.
Next week we will talk and learn about the Netherlands. We will bake, have math games to play, learn a Dutch song and much more!

Information from us

On the 17th of March it is St. Patrick’s Day! We will be celebrating this on Friday the 15th of March. We would like all the children to have something green on that they (a shirt, pants, hat etc).

With Easter coming up some children will not be at school for a holiday. On the form we gave you, you wrote down when your child is coming. Thank you for helping us! Now we can plan for those two weeks, we will work those two weeks on Easter. We will have a ‘egg hunt’, sing spring songs and have art activities.

Saying goodbye to your child is always difficult and we understand that very well. But children get used to the time that you stay in the room. They will expect you to stay longer and longer. This way saying goodbye will be more and more difficult. We want to ask you to try not to stay to long in the classroom. They are in good hands! J

On the 12th of April we will have an outing to Taby Centrum! We will give you more information about this later on.

We have experienced that a lot of clothes get missing and that not all the children have extra clothes. We would like to ask you if you can bring labeled extra clothes for your child.

We would like to ask all the parents to call or text us if your child is sick, not coming or if you are going to be late. Our number is: 070 4749286.

Important dates
28th of March: regular pre-school is open till 14.00
29th of March: closed for Good Friday
1st of April: closed for Easter
12th of April: we will go to Taby Centrum
26th of April: we will go to the theater (more information you can find on the bord)

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Best regards,

Corrie, Ashlee and Florentine

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