Changes in Peacocks teachers


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Skickat: den 20 september 2015 18:35
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Ämne: Changes in Peacocks teachers


Dear Peacocks parents


Here is some important information:


Our amazing teacher Florentine Jenster decided to leave Futuraskolan Maskinvägen to start working at Futuraskolan Warfingesvägen.


Florentine will be living right next door to the other pre-school and she feels it would be better for her to work closer to her home. She also has friends working in the other pre-school and she feels it´s the right thing to do.


I want to thank Florentine for her great work during her stay at Maskinvägen and for contributing to the pre-

school´s success and quality in learning. I´m sure she will shine wherever she goes.

Her last day with us will be on 9th october. Good luck Florentine!


We want to welcome the teacher Nicky Abrante to the Peacocks group. She has been working with us since the beginning of august. She is a legitimated pre-school teacher and has a broad experience in working in pre-schools as well as with Jolly phonics and I´m sure she will be a great asset to the pre-school.


The Peacock´s teachers: ( from 12/10 )

Jessica Carlsson – Team leader

Corrie Sutherlin   

Nicky Abrante


Best regards


Best regards


Adriana Marx Norén


International pre-school Täby & Djursholm

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