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Goodbye and thank you!



Dear Penguin parents,


With this email I would like to inform all of you that I will be leaving Futuraskolan. I am grateful for all that I learned and experienced during the last year and I really enjoyed getting to know all of you and your wonderful children. My last day of work will be on friday the 8th of june. During the coming two weeks I hope to see all of you to take the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you in person.


Kind regards,


Sandra Bakkum

Penguin Teacher



Hello all parents,


We are now slowly going into summer with more and more outside activities, often taking our crayons and papers outside so we can do some drawing. We are often going on little forest walks with small groups of children and playing both in the front and the back garden. Flower picking, riding the bikes and hunting for pretend animals in the forest are some of the favorite activities among the children right now. We have also started to get our chalks out to color the playground with and done some water color painting outside.


The fire engine came past this week and a police car, we have also spotted several ambulances with blues and twos driving past so it was a very exiting week on the playground.


We have started listening to "summer music" as we call it. Songs that are easy to dance to and some that we sing along to in Swedish. The children are always inspired to move and grove when we change the music or introduce something new into the classroom. We are so proud of their open- and willingness in new activities and their sense of exploration.


Important dates coming up in June! The 5th of June we close regular care at 14.00 and on the 6th of June we are closed for Sweden’s national day! On the 15th of June we have a staff development day so we are closed for regular care.


Please remember sunscreen and hats! The summer weather is here and we are outside most of the day, we go inside for the hottest period in the middle of the day for lunch and naptime but we are outside as much as possible this time of the year so help us protect the children from the sun. Before we go out in the afternoon we will reapply sunscreen for all the children that have been supplied with it. We also encourage them to keep their hats on at all times and give them more water to drink during the outside playtime.



All the best your penguin teachers


Sandra, Angelika and Corrie


Mobile 070 474 92 86



Dear parents,


Another fortnight has past and we are spending more and more time outside with the children, especially exploring the forest more often, having our fruit and singing sitting in the moss is something both children and us teachers enjoy.


This week has been a busy week with parent teacher meetings, skräpplockar dagen and gardening day. On Monday we took part in an initiative to keep Sweden clean, walking in our surroundings and picking up rubbish, equipped with gloves and bags. We cleaned up the back garden and the border to the forest, the children did really well and spotted lots of little pieces of rubbish hiding in the grass. And on Thursday we had a gardening day when we planted our own sunflower seeds and wildflowers, which we now are eager to see grow.


Now we are moving into warmer times so it is time to review what clothes are appropriate and as weather is very temperamentful this season please make sure that there are rain trousers, rain jacket as well as sun hat and sunscreen for your child every day.

An other suggestion is to supply a water bottle for your child marked with their name that they keep in their clothes spot so when dressing and undressing they have access to it. As we are out in the sun we want to keep them hydrated and always given them a fruit snack with water in the middle of the outside time but to see their own bottle might help to trigger them to drink more frequently.


A reminder of school holidays next week. Wednesday the 16th we close regular care at 14.00, Thursday we are closed for bank holiday (kristihimmelsfärd) and Friday we are open as normal but all penguin teachers are on holiday so the class will have substitutes and a regular staff from another class.


Your penguin teachers

Sandra, Angelika and Corrie

Parent teacher meetings


Parent teacher meetings!

All penguin parents, it is now the time of year where we have gotten to know your children better and it is time for a meeting with you to talk about their development and growth here in the pre-school.

Everyone is invited to a half hour meeting with either Sandra, Angelika or Corrie. These meetings are an opportunity for us to talk and get to know you and your families better, for us to find out more and for you to have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Our topics will be cognitive skills, social/emotional, motor and speech and language skills. We are not assessing you children. The purpose of these meeting is to find individual ways to promote their learning. For the children that have been with us for less then 6 months we will have schooling in follow up talks.

In the hall by the signing-in sheets, there will be a form to fill in. Please sign up when you are available and if you are unable to make it at any of these please contact us and we will try to arrange an alternative time for you. See below for times and teacher information.


Christoffer, Julia, Sophia, Astrid, Eric


Hannah, Michael, Jonathan, Hamid, Alexandra


Mila, Vincent, Oscar H, Oscar S


The times available are:

Monday 7/5: 8.30-9.00, 9.00-9.30, 15.15-15.45, 15.45-16.15, 16.15-16.45, 16.45-17.15

Tuesday 8/5: 8.00-8.30, 8.30-9.00, 9.00-9.30, 15.15-15.45, 15.45-16.15, 16.15-16.45, 16.45-17.15

Wednesday 9/5: 8.00-8.30, 8.30-9.00, 9.00-9.30, 15.15-15.45, 15.45-16.15, 16.15-16.45, 16.45-17.15

Thursday 10/5: 8.00-8.30, 8.30-9.00, 9.00-9.30, 15.15-15.45, 15.45-16.15, 16.15-16.45

Friday 11/5: 8.00-8.30, 8.30-9.00, 9.00-9.30, 15.15-15.45, 15.45-16.15