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Hi all parents,


The last two weeks have gone by very fast and we are now into the normal routines, and the new children are well settled in our group. We have enjoyed some waterplay, art, playing outside in the snow and some creative classroom time building lots of lego a favourite with all the children.


Last week we did a big art project which really got all the children involved. To celebrate the chinese new year we made a long dragon using everything red and yellow we could find in the art room, tissue paper, sequins, crayons, ribbons and more. The result is on the wall in our classroom, fantastic work. We also did some baking on the friday before the chinese new  year making little pastry balls of rice flour and filling them with soybean mixture, a chinese tradition and greatly enjoyed by all, especially eating the results.


During the last two weeks we have had Corrie substituing in our classroom. He is from the States and has a long backround coaching children in basketball. He has been a great addition to us and a calming influence in the classroom.


This week we have been spending lots and lots of time outside, digging, building and sliding on the snow. You are welcome to bring in helmets suitable for sledging (hockey/ice skating helmets) and on Thursdays, weather permitting, we will be going to the park or a small calm hill with the children for some sleding. If you would like this day you may bring a sledge or bumpad in but keep in mind and tell the children that all sledges brought in will be shared with all our penguin children! We already have sledges and bum pads (stjartlappar) in school so helmets are greatly appreciated.


The red books that some of you have seen when your children have an accident here in school will from this month also be used for recording the children’s individual learning. At the end of every month we will leave all the books in your children’s cubbies so that you can read it, but please always leave the books at school.


For you new parents this book is also used incase your child falls and hurts themselves during the day and need a little first aid like cuts and head bumps, as its important that that information reaches you we record it and leave it in your spot if one of us Penguin teachers are not here to see you at the end of the day. All you do is read it and sign it, leaving the book in its spot.


Have a lovely week and best wishes


Sandra, Angelika and Corrie

January Newsletter


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Skickat: den 18 januari 2012 14:14
Till: Nicole Vickers
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Dear Futuraskolan Families,


Please find below a Spring Term Welcome from Coral, our pre-school principal.


Med Vänlig Hälsning/Best Regards,


Nicole Vickers

Pre-School Coordinator

Futuraskolan International Pre-School Täby

Maskinvägen 1, 183 53 Täby

076-723 38 69


Från: Coral Ljunggren
Skickat: den 17 januari 2012 12:36
Till: Nicole Vickers
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Hello Parents!


Welcome back after the Holiday break. As many of you may have noticed there are lots of new faces. So please help me in welcoming all of our new families, children and staff.


Groups are growing

I thought I would take a moment to inform you all about how the growing is taking place a little more systematically. We have lots of one and two year-olds that are starting in January and February so we have decided to divide the Chicks into two smaller groups and hire some new teachers in the process.


Neermen is going to be the preschool teacher for our new group which is going to be called the Ducklings. We have also hired Angie to be one of our Duckling teachers together with Neermen. The group will be about 8 children when we do the split at the end of January, but will continue to grow through out the spring term.


Rachel and Agota will be staying with the Chicks together with our new teacher Darren. That group will be 15 children when we do the split and stay that size for the remainder of the spring term.


The Penguins are also growing. I am still looking for a certified pre-school teacher for that classroom, but in the mean time we have substitue as the class size is now at 13 children. I am interviewing preschool teachers, and will keep all of the Penguin parents informed as the recruiting process unfolds.


The Cockatoos are at 15 children, and Pennie has taken over Geniveve’s roll as the pre-school teacher for the Cockatoo class. Valeria, who is also a teacher, started last week, and of course we have James as our teacher assistant. The class will grow later on in March to about 18 children.


The Peacocks/Flamingoes have had a bit of a change up at the beginning of the term. Millie has transfered to my school at Brunbärsvägen. She was there on Thursday to say goodbye to the children and staff. We hired Demond, who has been substituting during the fall, to be our teacher assistant for the remaining of the term. However, due to a family emergancy, he flew back to the States for the next three weeks. He should be back in the beginning of February. We have therefore asked Nicole to hop in a little more in that group, as well as hired Therese to be a third person in the classroom while Demond is away. Therese has been teaching for 20 years and we are thrilled to this addition to the class. Monique is, of course, back from vacation on Thursday.



To help with all the new faces, we are working on getting photgraphs of all of our Staff up on the wall in the entry. We also had the helpful suggestion of having photos of our substitues so that both parents and children can see if there are any new faces that day. This should be in place by the beginning of February, so keep a look out.


We would also like to put up some photos of our PSA representatives as well as their contact information. If there would be anything that you would like them to bring up in our meetings, you then know who to contact. For those of you who are new, PSA is our Parent Support Association. We meet once a month and share ideas and information. The PSA is our forum where parents and I can be involved and influence activities in the preschool.


Outside time

This time of year it is difficult to be outside for longer amounts of time due to the cold and wet weather, so we are dividing up our outside time into a portion before lunch and again in the afternoon.  Some parents have addressed the issue of lights on the playground, which we have been in contact with the owners of the buildning and are working on a solution. We hope for a solution, but have adjusted our outside time and activities during the day to utilize the daylight.


Have a wonderful January!

//Coral Ljunggren

Pre-school Principal

0767-23 21 92


Weekly Newsletter



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Skickat: den 13 januari 2012 12:48
Kopia: Coral Ljunggren; Nicole Vickers
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Hello all penguin parents and welcome back from the holidays.


We also would like to make a special welcome to our three new friends in the penguins Vincent, Johanna and Nike. All three have had a great week getting to know their new teachers and friends.


This week we have had a lot of free play in the classroom to settle everyone back into the routine at nursery favurites like the lego and playdough have been out. A great addition to our classroom over the break has been the kitchen, everyday the children get straight to it frying sausages, rinsing apples in the sink and making cups of tea, serving up a feast for eachother.


We see so many more of our Penguins doing fantastic with the toilet training, we are so proud of them. To help your children as much as possible we ask of you to always have atleast two pairs of underwear and spare trousers for the little accidents we have. Also it would be great if when you arrive you take your child to the toilet if they are at this stage, so that when they arrive to the classroom they can engage themselves in play.


Due to the ever changing weather we have tried to get outside when possible to enjoy the little sprinkles of snow that we have had and the children come back in with rosy cheeks and big exited smiles.


In the weeks to come we will settle back into our routines and activities and we will have waterplay and art activites using our imaginations and ever growing fine motorskills.


Have a great weekend in the snow everyone!


Best wishes

Your penguin teachers Sandra and Angelika