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Dear Parents,


We would like to inform you about the next theme we will be working on.
On Monday the 25th of August we will start with the theme ‘Olympics’. We will be organizing the activities together with the Flamingoes group. On Friday the 26th of September will be the big Futura Olympics where we all will participate.

Our planning:

The Olympics theme will take six weeks in total.

First, we will talk about the history of the Olympics and make the torch. In the second week we will observe and perform our own Olympic opening ceremony. Then we will start with the track and field sports. In the third week the children will try some gymnastics as well as some team sports.  

The fourth week we will be busy with training and also talking about healthy eating. We will also compare our own diets to the athlete’s diets.
On Friday the 26th of September we will have the Futura Olympics! For this reason we will practice the planned Olympic games in the fifth week. In our last week we will have a recap of all the information and games the children have learned. Also, in this same week we would like to plan another outing.



In order to organize all of this and to make it happen we would like to ask your help.


– Which parents have the possibility to help us during the Futura Olympics on Friday the 26th of September? We will need the help of 4 parents on that day.


– We will be doing lots of sport with the children. Are there parents who can help us organize a specific sport by coming to the school and teaching the children about any of the following sports? We will be doing Track and Field, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, hockey, baseball and softball.


– We would like to take the children on an outing to a sports hall or stadium where they can watch a practice of a soccer team, ice hockey team, ….

Is there any parent who could help us arrange for the trip?


– As we will be doing lots of activities in the gym, indoor shoes is necessary for your child to participate in all of the activities.


Every week you will receive a newsletter from us on Friday where we will let you know what we have done. Also you can find this information on the ‘What we did today’ form that we will write and post near the school entrance everyday.



The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Angelika

Futuraskolan International Pre-school



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