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Dear Parents,

It is been a while, but here is the Penguins Newsletter for the last two weeks!

We have changed our daily routines so that we can use the daylight better. We started last Monday with our new routine: we stay inside in the mornings and at 9 we have our fruit snack to then go outside from 9.30. Around 10.30 we go inside for our toilet / nappy changing time. We sit down for lunch at 11 and when finished we read a story and about 11.45 nap time starts, then we have snack at 2 and go up for a run and play in the gym, practicing lots of our gross motor skills. In the afternoon we spend time in the classroom and try to undertake different activities (art, reading, coloring etc.).

This new routine has enabled us to do baking and painting much more frequently as the children are calmer by the afternoons. Outside time is now mostly in the mornings and only on occasions when the sun has come out or we feel the children need to have more outside time, do we go out in the afternoon. This will be the new schedule until we feel a change is needed or until the sun stays up for longer again.

We have been enjoying some very eventful weeks lately with Sinterklaas coming to visit us, a yummy Nobel lunch and lots of Christmas and Lucia preparations.

On Monday, the 5th of December, it was the birthday of Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is a Dutch traditional holiday and it is celebrated every year during November and the beginning of December. Children can put their shoes and find a present in it the next morning. So that’s what we did with the children at school before sleep time. After sleep time they found their own made Dutch cookies (pepernoten) and a mandarin in their shoe. They were so excited and loved their small presents. During the afternoon snack we enjoyed the treats, sang songs and enjoyed wearing their special hats that we made the week before.

For the Nobel lunch we have been working for the Peace prize, we have made a wreath of handprints where everyone joined together; we have also been giving all our friends extra many hugs! We had a special lunch on Friday, with all our children lovely dressed up for this special event. The whole school sat together and ate a three course meal. During the lunch the different groups presented their creations and received their prizes. The Penguins received the Nobel Prize for Peace because we showed how good friends we are, no matter our differences in culture and background.

This week we have also been painting our own giant Christmas tree that we have decorated with different types of bulbuls, we painted round Styrofoam balls and we will hang them in the tree with some crayon drawn ones next week.

Next week is Lucia and we hope to see you all then, any questions on the costumes please ask us!

Your Penguins Teachers

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