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Från: Penguins [mailto:Penguins@futuraskolan.se]
Skickat: den 13 januari 2012 12:48
Kopia: Coral Ljunggren; Nicole Vickers
Ämne: Weekly Newsletter


Hello all penguin parents and welcome back from the holidays.


We also would like to make a special welcome to our three new friends in the penguins Vincent, Johanna and Nike. All three have had a great week getting to know their new teachers and friends.


This week we have had a lot of free play in the classroom to settle everyone back into the routine at nursery favurites like the lego and playdough have been out. A great addition to our classroom over the break has been the kitchen, everyday the children get straight to it frying sausages, rinsing apples in the sink and making cups of tea, serving up a feast for eachother.


We see so many more of our Penguins doing fantastic with the toilet training, we are so proud of them. To help your children as much as possible we ask of you to always have atleast two pairs of underwear and spare trousers for the little accidents we have. Also it would be great if when you arrive you take your child to the toilet if they are at this stage, so that when they arrive to the classroom they can engage themselves in play.


Due to the ever changing weather we have tried to get outside when possible to enjoy the little sprinkles of snow that we have had and the children come back in with rosy cheeks and big exited smiles.


In the weeks to come we will settle back into our routines and activities and we will have waterplay and art activites using our imaginations and ever growing fine motorskills.


Have a great weekend in the snow everyone!


Best wishes

Your penguin teachers Sandra and Angelika

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