Hello again all Penguin parents


We have had a few fantastic weeks getting out enjoying the sun more and more. We have made a few more planned art activities, one being potato printing, practicing cutting the potatoes in shapes, which was a great fun but a little tricky and then stamping them in paint and on to our papers. We have also started doing lots of Easter eggs gluing feathers, sequins and ribbons to decorate them.


We also did a dinosaur hunt last Thursday in the woods behind the school. First we had some fruit snack, then we sang some songs and made up a rhyme "we are going on a dinosaur hunt". Walking in the woods was a fun experience and looking for our dinosaurs was very exiting. We found them hiding under a pine tree and everyone got a dinosaur sticker when we found them!


Our daily routine is going to change slightly back to the routine we had in the fall-term, we take the children outside in the mornings and have our fruit snack outside. We then go inside to do our activities for the day. Then the day proceeds as normal with lunch, sleep and snack, to then go outside again. For the children this might be slightly confusing in the beginning and when we change our routines we try and do it to benefit all the children the best we can. If you find it hard to drop of in the morning, come and find us and tell your child to have a good day, we will then say good bye and help find them something to do and play with.


A few important dates are coming up in April! For Easter regular care ends at 14.00 on the of 5th April. School is closed for bank holiday on the 6th and 9th of April. The 30th of April regular care ends at 14.00 and the 1st of May we are closed for bank holiday.


If your child is attending on the 5th of April we ask that you bring in a colorful head scarf and apron to dress up in for the Swedish tradition of witches at Easter. We will have an Easter egg hunt and the children will be able to be dressed up all day if they wish. Note, the Swedish Easter witches are friendly and colorful!


In the middle of April we will send out an invite for a parent meeting during the evening. More information to come.


We have made some changes in the hallway and moved some of the children’s spots. Sorry for the initial confusion but now we can easier get the children dressed and stay in our group getting ready for outside play. Please make sure your children have one change of clothes; including trousers, top, jumper, socks and underwear everyday. It is spring time so help us be prepared for the changing weather by supplying rain boots and rain clothes. We would really appreciate if you try to avoid bring in plastic bags as we are a pre-school and we want to minimize any risks and hazards to the children’s safety and environment.


We are making some name signs for the hallway. So we would like you to send us information on which countries of origin your child has, how to say hello in any of the languages you speak at home and we would also like you to put how you would like your names on this sheet. To see how it is going to look like, check the Chick’s spots which have their information on already.


During the following week we will have a PRAO (work experience) student in our class, his name is E Joon.


Have a great week

All your penguin teachers

Sandra, Angelika and Corrie

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