News letter



Dear parents,


Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend.


It has been an eventful time in our class. Two weeks ago we had to say goodbye to one of our Penguins, Johanna who was moving to Germany, we wish her and her family all the best. For the occasion we did some baking, making blueberry muffins for the afternoon snack at her last day.


We had a fantastic week last week making little Easter chicks, drawing rabbits, going for an Easter egg hunt and decorating some real eggs too! We have been gluing feathers and painting yellow little chicks. Coloring in our Easter rabbits whilst playing outside. The Easter egg hunt was a test in our awareness of our surroundings, finding lots of little blue and green eggs hidden in the grass around the back playground. Afterwards we ate the little treats in the eggs we had found, which were full of dried fruit and cereal, named by the children to be sweets and puffs.


We would also like to give a warm welcome to Mila our newest Penguin, our cockatoo teacher Paulina’s daughter.


Reminder: Parent teacher meeting on the 19th of April at 17.30-19.00!


Please always remember to sign your child in and with approximate picking up time and to sign them out again at the end of the day.


This week we also ask you to send us an email telling us where your child is from, what your preferred names are and how to say hello in any of the languages that you speak!


We also need the holiday forms handed in. The last date to hand these in was the 10th of April! If you haven’t yet handed yours in please do so as soon as possible.


Mark all your children’s clothes with their names! The lost and found box is full please look through it on a regular basis to retrieve anything belonging to your child. We do also ask of you to provide some inside shoes for your child here at school to wear during the day, remember to mark these too with their name.


All the best your penguin teachers

Sandra, Angelika and Corrie

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