Newsletter and parent teacher meeting summary


Hello all parents,



Time for an other news update. We have a new penguin in our class! We are growing steadily and we are now up to 15 children. A warm welcome to our new penguin Oscar S!


The activities the last two weeks has involved a project making flowers. First we let the children do some free painting then they got to cut the paper and glue leaves and a stalk to it making flowers that we are decorating the windows with. We also did one more outing to the woods, were we enjoyed some fruit and sang some songs. We then brought some sticks we found back to our playground where we built a hut, now enjoyed by all the children in our school. We have also had great fun in our classroom with imaginary play led by the children, building trains, buses and air planes by arranging chairs and tables in rows. Other activities have involved our Friday sing-a-long, our new improved kitchen and dolls corner and plenty of outside play. 


Thank you to everyone who has let us know about your summer holidays and of your children’s origins, we are still waiting for a few so please let us know your plans for the whole summer with exact dates and send us an email with parents names and where your children have their roots.


An other holiday is coming up. We would like to know which children are off from our penguin group.

  • On Monday the 30th of April regular care finishes at 14.00 
  • The following day, 1st of May we are closed for bank holiday.
  • We are finishing regular care at 14.00 on the 16th of May 
  • And we are closed on the 17th of May for bank holiday. 
  • On the 18th of May all penguin teachers are on holiday, of course there will still be substetutes and regular teachers from other classes organising and offering regular care on this date.

Again we would like to make a plan for the holidays during week 20 the 14th to the 18th of May so please let us know which days your children are in.



We had the parent meeting on Thursday the 19th.


Coral started by introducing herself and futuraskolans motto. She also talked about her vision for staffing and how we work in the school. For next term the thoughts are that one teacher follows every age group up and one stays. She also wants to see a minimum of one native English speaker and one Swedish speaker in each class. One male in each classroom and minimum of one qualified preschool teacher in each class. Everything to get a balance and good working teams to benefit the children.


We then went to our classrooms where we had a little introduction of us teachers and our backround. We talked about the IPC theme animal which we are working with this spring, the children’s portfolios, our daily schedule and we also mentioned developmental talks. The developmental talks will take place now in the beginning of May, we will also have schooling in follow ups with the parents of children that have started with us during this term. More information on that to follow. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 



Enjoy the sunny weekend everyone


Your penguin teachers


Sandra, Angelika and Corrie


Mobile 070 474 92 86

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