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Hello Parents

The spring term is rapidly coming to an end, with just a few short weeks standing between us and summer vacation. These short weeks are jam-packed with events and squeeze days so don’t forget to enjoy the sunshine!

Summer Party

At the end of the year we host a summer party where we invite all of the children and parents to attend. The party is on JUNE 14th from 15.00-16.00. Each classroom, i.e. parent volunteers, provides fruit/veggies, drinks, and baked goods in an amount that is enough for about 20 children and 40 adults. We then place everything out in true picnic/potluck style for everyone to enjoy. The teachers will grill hotdogs and provide some games/activities for the children to do during the party. Each classroom will send out some more information about the party as we get closer to the date.


Dates to remember

We have a couple of dates to keep in mind now before the term ends.

Swedish National Day

·         Tuesday, June 5th- no regular care is offered after 14.00

·         Wednesday, June 6th– is a holiday, so the preschool is closed.


Staff Developmental Day

·         Friday, June 15th– no regular care is offered



·         Friday June 22nd– is a holiday, so the preschool is closed.


Summer Vacation

Futuraskola Ensta pre-school will be open for the summer. We have very few children who will be attending summer school so we have decided to have one teacher from the upstairs and one teacher from the downstairs working during summer vacation. These teachers will change each week. I will send out more information about who is working which week directly to the families that have asked for summer care.


Fall Term

As I sure many of you are wondering about the fall line-up, and what will be happening at the school this fall I wanted to give you all the information that we have to date. Seeing as it is May, and it is quite a few months until the fall term begins, it is very possible that things may change between now and then, but here is are the groupings to date.


Some general information about our thought process has been that there is always one person who follows the children to the next classroom as the children move up to the next class. For those of you who have read our equality and language policies, we like to have one male in every classroom as well as a native English speaker and a native Swedish speaker. I usually like to have one person stay on with the age-group so as to utilize the experience that we have gained over the previous year.


























Anushka 75%










Anushka 25%


As you may notice, the groups and school are not full yet. We were expecting to reach capacity of 100 children by this fall, but will more than likely land at about 86 which is about the size of the school right now.


Nicole has been offered and accepted a position at the head office starting full time this fall.  She will Futuraskolan’s registrar and customer manager which means that she will bringing a lot of what she already does for Maskinvägen with her and centralizing it for all of our Futuraskolan schools.  We are thrilled and proud that Nicole has been given this opportunity, and will miss her tremendously in our day to day.


Please let me know if you have any questions otherwise I will see at the summer party!


Kind Regards,

Coral Ljunggren


Pre-School Principal

International Pre-School Brunbärsvägen & Täby


Telefon: +46767-23 21 92

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