Dear Penguin parents,


We are now coming to an end in the term and it has been a fantastic year for us teachers caring for all your children. We have grown together as a class making lots of new friendships as we have also grown in size. Next term a new exiting year awaits in the Cockatoo class. We will arrange a visit day when we go to see the new classroom upstairs and play with their toys, something to look forward to. 


It has as always been a busy last few weeks with many outside activities, take a look in our newly planted back garden that keeps changing, many little changes and additions are coming into place. 


This week you have all seen Adelina who has been a regular sub in school during this term, she will be helping us in the Penguins as our newest team member for the rest of the term! 


The next few important dates that are coming up are:

  • 14th June Summer Party 15.00-16.00
  • 15th June Staff Development Day, No Regular Care offered
  • 22nd June Midsummer’s eve, School closed

For the summer party we are asking you parents to please help out if you can by bring in, vegetable and fruit trays, drinks and baked goods. We will supply hotdogs (and veggie dogs) and condiments for everyone. If your child has a specific dietary need (e.g. gluten free) you need to bring in appropriate replacement option (e.g. gluten free cake). As this is a party and we are celebrating we are not enforcing our minimum sugar policy on this day which means cakes and cookies are allowed!! Please have all food items cut, portioned out, ready to serve and eat when brought to us. So feel free to sign up (penguin sheet is on the drying cupboards downstairs) and bring in food supplies on the morning of the 14th.


We are slowly nearing the end of term and hope you all are looking forward to and exiting summer holiday, but before that we hope to see everyone at our Summer Party on the 14th of June at 15.00 to celebrate our year together. We will eat lots of nice food and play fun games. 


All the best your Penguin teachers

Angelika, Corrie, Sandra and Adelina

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