Last newsletter this term


Dear Penguin parents,


This will be the last email for this term thank you all for making it such a lovely year. Please try and collect spare clothes and extra nappies from your child’s spot and from their boxes! Anything left that is marked with names will be moved up to their spot for next year. Please also take this opportunity to look through our lost and found boxes in the hallway.


We had a very exiting play day last week when we visited our classroom for next year. The dressing up clothes and the new toys in the classroom inspired loads of new games and at lunchtime everyone was having so much fun no one wanted to leave!


We have also visited the park, enjoying fruit snack in the grass and swinging and sliding till our hearts content.


It was great to see everyone at our summer party last Thursday and it was a fantastic way of finishing the year off. All the children had practiced the summer songs with great enthusiasm, the sun came out and thank you to everyone who brought something to eat or drink in.


This Friday 22nd of June we are closed for midsummer, happy celebrations everyone.


So we wish you all a happy summer holiday and welcome back next year as Cockatoos!


Best wishes

Angelika, Corrie and Adelina

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