Hello Cockatoos parents,


Our learning

As most of you have seen, we have put a whiteboard at the top of the stairs near the lockers for the children to write what they did today. As we can be quite busy at times, we will endeavor to get this done about 3 times a week. The planning for the next two weeks will also be hung on the same wall.

This week we started reading the book on Elmer. We focused on the colors that Elmer has in his patchwork skin. Each day, we took the kids in groups of 3 and taught the kids how to mix colors to create all of Elmer’s skin colors.

We also created big shapes with tissue paper and are in the process of talking and reorganizing our wall in the classroom with the kids.

 Information from us

To make it easier for both staff and parents, it’s important to clearly label all items of clothing that are being worn at the school. In the rush of getting ready, clothes can be misplaced or lost if not labeled. All clothes with no labels will be put in the lost and found department.

As winter is fast approaching, now would be a great time to clear out any unnecessary summer clothing, and bring in some winter woollies! If it’s a nice day we will be outside, so scarves, gloves, beanies and winter jackets are required.

Recently we have given out Emergency contact forms and Photo permission forms. If you have not handed them in could you please do so as soon as possible. If the forms have been misplaced, please come and see us and we will print you out a new copy.

This week we will be putting up new bulletin boards which will be hung across from daily activity information upstairs. This bulletin will include our bi-weekly emails, daily and weekly schedules and any important information for that week. This bulletin will be updated every Monday morning.

Important dates

31/10/12 – Halloween

02/11/12 – Regular care for children is available until 14:00

16/11/12 – Futuraskolan offers Staff Development days for all employees. The regular pre-school is therefore closed on this day. For those families who need care during this day, please contact your pre-school principal at least two weeks in advance.


Parent Teacher Meeting

The mains points of conversation with the Cockatoo’s parents were:

      The restructure of our classroom

      The condition of the front yard

      Parent information board – What did the kids do today

      Sign in sheets – Two days on one sheet, if it doesn’t work, we will change it.

      Dustin is our PSA member, please inform him if you have any question regarding the organization of the school

      Daily, Weekly schedule of the class and where to find that information (In our classroom and also on the new bulletin when it is put up)

      IPC – Our theme and how we use it in our space and learning

      3rd Person – There will be a 3rd person to help out with our daily activities

*please note that the reason we did not send theemail on friday last week was due to internet issues*  

Thank-you and Warm Regards,
Florentine, Corrie and Ashlee

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