October Newsletter


Hello Parents!

So fall is officially here. We are moving into the darker (and colder) part of the year, but I can happily inform you that some more lights are on the way! The work should get started soon, and be finished by mid-November.

Important Dates:

·         October 31st: Halloween Party!

·         Individual Development Meetings: End of October/Start of November

Friday, November 2nd

Regular pre-school open until 14.00

Wednesday, November 14th

PSA meeting 8.00-9.00

Friday, November 16th

Staff Development Day

If you would need care after 2pm on the 2nd or at all on the 16th, please let me know as soon as possible otherwise the school will be closed.


One of our traditions at the pre-school is our celebration of Halloween.  We have decided that the entire school will do our Trick-or-Treating between 9:30-10:30. We will give out some dried fruit, stickers, balloons etc, we will NOT be giving out candy or sweets. Please have your children come dressed in their costumes. Some of the classes have their own Halloween activities planned for the day, and will send out any extra information in their class newsletter.


Holiday Break

Our school term ends on the 14th of December and begins again the 14th of January, the school is still open during the holiday break, but many of children and staff take longer break so we do not follow our regular schedules during that time. We would therefore like to get information from all of our parents about if and when you are here during the break, order food, make schedules etc. So please fill in the Holiday Break form and return it to your teachers no later than November 9th.  


Pedagogical Environment Outside

Now that the Lights out side are on the way, it is time for the next project which is addressing the puddle. We have spoken to a few different experts and our school’s handy man, and unfortunalty there is now miracle cure. We are discussing some different options and will keep you all updated.


Kind Regards,

Coral Ljunggren


P.S. It is time to bring out the winter clothes now that the temperature is hovering a little above 0 degrees. Remember…in Sweden, there is no bad weather, just bad clothes! J



Pre-School Principal

International Pre-School Brunbärsvägen & Täby


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