Hello Parents,


During this season of holidays we have been busy with activities for the children.

Halloween was a fun occasion for the children. They enjoyed dressing up and going to the other classrooms to trick or treat.  

Last week we had a fire practice. The children know what to do when there is a fire!

Next Wednesday it is Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition). We will sing songs, draw pictures and we will bake some Pepernoten.

Also, we are practicing for Lucia, the songs and the story behind it.


After the Christmas break, we will start to work with a new IPC theme. We will work around the theme "all about me". We will update you with all the activities as soon we have started with it.


Information from us

– On December 10th, we will celebrate Nobel Day. For this occasion we will have a chemistry activity as a class. We ask that the children dress nicely on this day. We will send a separate email about Nobel Day.  

– This Friday the 30th, we will take a class trip to the fire station. We will have 3 adults on this trip. 

– As you know, the weather is becoming worse. Please remember to bring proper clothing for your child to play outside as well as clothes in the event that they may have to change inside. 

– On the wall is a sign up sheet for development talks. We will have the talks on 5th, 6th and the 7th December. Please sign up for your time.

– We would like to ask all the parents to bring inside shoes. When there is a fire and we have to go outside, the children will have something on their feet.


Important dates

–       November 30th: trip to the fire station at 13.00

–       December 10th: Nobel day

–       December 13th: Lucia

–       December 24th, 25th and 26th: pre-school is closed because of Christmas

–       December 31st and January 1st: pre-school is closed because of New Years


Kind regards,

Corrie and Florentine



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