Hello Parents,


Our learning 

On Monday the 10th we celebrated Nobel Day.  We had a nice assembly set up for the children.  The whole school sat in the lunchroom, which was decorated very nicely, and took part in the Nobel Day festivity.

Yesterday it was Lucia. All the children were very well dressed, thank you for that. All the teachers enjoyed the event and we hope you had a good time as well.


Information from us

       Downstairs we have picture frames with all pictures of the past events. Also you can read there what we have done today.

       Upstairs the information from the wall is moved to the bulletin boards across the wall. Please take the time to look at it for important information.

       This is just a reminder to please sign up for your developmental talk.  We will put up a new list on the bulletin boards for you to select a time. 

       We have said hello to very snowy weather!  Please remember to send your child to school with warm clothes and appropriate shoes because we plan to be outside for at least 2 hours every day. 

       Also, bring a helmet for your child.  There are sleds provided by the school for the children to play with and we would like them to be as safe as possible.

       If you haven’t already done so, please bring a small glass jar for your child to paint for Christmas by Monday the 17th.  We plan to do the painting activity on Tuesday. 

       We have emailed a document for you to put down the times your child is to be here at school.  Please fill in and return the document to us as soon as possible. 


Important dates

       The school will be closed for regular care from the 22nd of December to the 1st of January

       December 31st and January 1st: pre-school is closed  for regular care because of New Years

       On January 23rd there is the second parent meeting! We will give some more information after the Christmas break.


Happy Holidays,

Florentine and Corrie


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