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We are having a lot of problems with the parking places outside our pre-school.

The pre-school  owns  5 parking places in front of the school for the parents to be able to park their cars when they leave the kids in the mornings and also 

when they pick up their kids in the afternoon.


What is happening now is that the staff  (including myself) and a few parents are parking their cars there during the whole day.

So when the parents will leave or pick up their kids, they have absolutely no place to park their cars.

They park along the street and it blocks the way for trucks and other bigger vehicles.

It gets really messy in front of the school.


Futuraskolan owns this parking spot and it´s function is to provide an easier and safer environment for the kids and parents.


So, from 1st januari ( so that everybody will have time to get this information) everybody who wants to park their cars for more than 15 minutes shall use the parking spot

located all the way down the street. It´s a free parking so it will not cost anything.


I appreciate everybody´s cooperation

Best Regards



Adriana Marx Norén


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