Newsletter 15/03





Dear Flamingoes Parents,


Its been a great and busy week here at our school! As you might have already seen, we are transforming our bathrooms into something…well you will see next week. All we can say is that its going to be reflective of our flamingoes and of course be something amazing! 


Also, in celebration of our wonderful "jungle" lunch room, the flamingoes went to täby centrum and rented Madagascar for the whole school to watch. We really showed the whole school that we like to move it! Move it!



Information from us


Important, we have unfortunately had a lice (löss) outbreak at our school. If you suspect your child has lice please check his or her head. If you find lice on your child´s head, please keep him or her at your home for 3 days.

Remember, please do not share any personal or clothing items with other children.

Long hair should be kept in braids or ponytails. Boys should keep their hair short.


28th of March: pre-School closes at 14.00

29th of March: Good Friday- pre-school is closed

1st of April: Easter Monday-pre-school is closed 


Our Learning


Continuing our theme on "jobs", this week has been about what a baker does. We continued to develop their curiousity by showing them videos about baking, renting a book about baking, holding dicussions about what a baker does and how they bake at circle time, and letting them bake themselves so that they can see firsthand what a baker does. Our aim is to let them fully explore different jobs and let them immerse themselves in the process of exploring.


On the 14th of March was Math Day. To celebrate this day, we built an igloo, played an estimation game invovling how many milk cartons can fit into a bag (we had some really close guesses!), and played a number/color match game. Our aim was to develop their ability to distinguish, express, examine and use mathematical concepts and their interelationships.


To develop their interests and ability to play, learn, and work on their gross motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination skills, we played basketball, volleyball, and hopball on gym day. The flamingoes had to pass the volleyball (a balloon) over a bench and to their partners on the other side. They had such fun!In addition, to work on their gross motor skills, we had some balancing exercises as well.


To develop our international theme, we also showed the flamingoes how circle time was in different countries. They were very interested in seeing what their peers were doing in circle time in different countries!


Best Regards,


Darren, Paulina, and Therese

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