Futuraskolan petition

Dear parents


Wednesday 22/04 is the last day to sign the petition


Best regards

Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan International Pre-school 

Täby  & Danderyd

Tel: 0723-712800


During the last meeting for parents that Adriana had, she mentioned that there might be an opportunity to expand the preschool to include grade 0-3. We know that there is a huge interest among us parents for this. This is the reason why we, the PSA parents, have started apetition. 

If you sign the petition you tell us, Adriana and the board of the Futura school that you want a school that offers grade 0-3 for our children here in Täby. We ask you to sign your name, city where you live and your email adress.

You can sign the petition by clicking here:


When you sign the petition you will recieve an email where you need to confirm your signature.

Please sign the petition by this Friday (April 17 2015). We will print the list of names and give it to the board of the Futura school. 

Please contact me or any PSA parent if you have any questions!

Pernilla Skareson
070-722 10 31


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