Have a nice summer!!

—–Ursprungligt meddelande—– Från: Adriana Noren [mailto:Adriana.Noren@futuraskolan.se] Skickat: den 27 juni 2013 23:50 Till: Ducklings; Penguins; Cockatoos; Flamingoes; Peacocks Ämne: Have a nice summer!! Dear Parents! First of all, I would like to thank you all for this great term! It has been an amazing journey. It has been a pleasure to work with our amazing staff and our wonderful kids and I am really proud to have you all as our parents. I have never experienced such a great group of parents that are always willing to cooperate, to help and contribute. That is why we have such a great atmosphere here at our pre-shool. This is called great team work and it can only get better and better. The pre-school is getting prepared for the summer vacations. We have been doing our Development talks, we have already rearranged the new teachers groups and children´s groups… BUT the final groups will be announced on the 20th july. We have already had our summer party. Thank you all for a great day! I wish all the luck for our graduates that will start at school in august. I have all the reasons to be proud of you! We have a lot of children that will start with us in august and we will also be hiring new staff. It´s important for you all to know that our staff is not going anywhere. We are all looking forward to the next term and the developments we are planing for our pre-school! We will be hiring new staff because we will have more children 🙂 We may reopen the Kiwis- classroom All the staff have already received their own Ipads and every classrooms will also have their own Ipads. In august we will start with a lot of workshops about pedagogical Apps in order to work with our kids. Futuraskolan is the stepstone of our future citizens and we need to give the children a fun learning environment as well as the the access to new technology. Next term will be all about our pedagogical learning environment, new technology and also about the IPC (International pre-school curriculum) and the Lpfö98 (Swedish pre-school curriculum revised 2010) It´s really important to sincronize the IPC with the Lpfö98 I would like to send you our brochure (I love it!) http://www.futuraskolan.se/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Pass_Forskola_Eng1.pdf The pre-school will close it´s activities from 01st july until 28th july. We will provide summer day care for those parents that will work during the summer. I will be taking my vacations during the first two weeks of july and will be back at the pre-school on week 29. I would like to wish you all a great summer! I hope you get a lot of sun and that you are able the load your batteries! I will surely do that! I am looking forward to the new term, new challenges and to meet our kids again. Thank you all for everything! Best regards Adriana – Principal

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