Dear Parents


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Skickat: den 1 juni 2013 11:23
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Ämne: Dear Parents


Dear Parents!


Last thursday we had our first Market day and Art exhibition.

It was a great event where children, teachers and parents were able to mingle and spent some quality time together.


I would like to thank all the teachers and children for preparing such a wonderful Art Exhibition . 

It was amazing to see the beautiful work! Thank you for your efforts!


I would also like to thank all the parents that helped in the market day.

We got a lot of donations and also delicious baking that we were able to sell during this day.

Thank you all the parents for the great effort!

We were able to raise the amount of 2.217,00 sek !!!!

We will use the money wisely to prepare our Summer party!!


All the clothes and toys that we were not able to sell have been donated to Erikshjälpen

As Vanessa said: "Great win-win! The pre-school made some money, and we could also donate to charity."


Thank you once again to everybody that helped!!


Now, changing the subject a little bit…

Last week-end all the children ad staff did the LICE TREATMENT…

Accordibg to the instructions, we are ll supposed to treat again after 7 days.

This is because the lice eggs may "pop" after 1 week,  and now we need to do the treatment again.

It is also important to use a nit/lice comb and use it everyday in order to check that we are free of lice.

For long hair, the best way is to have them wet with balsam…Then it´s easier to comb.


I apreciate everybody´s cooperation!


Have a great week-end!

Best Regards


Adriana Marx Norén

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