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Dear parents,

Our learning

This week we talk about Chile. We made the flag and we draw the sculptures from Easter Island.
We had on Friday special cookies from Chile. On Wednesday we had the Summer Party. We have been practicing a lot and it was a great afternoon. Thank you for attending this event and for the lovely food.
As you may have seen, our room is now the gym. We are very happy with all the changes and the rooms. The children have been enjoying playing in all the different rooms. 
Next week we will talk about New Zeeland. The week after that we have our last country for this year, South Africa.

Information from us 

Today, Friday 14th, is our last day as Cockatoos team. Corrie will go home to America to have a vacation. After the summer Corrie will be one of the teachers in the Peacocks. Ashlee will stay in the Cockatoos. As you may have heard from other parents or in your development talk, Florentine will stop working at Futura Skolan. She will be working more for the Dutch school. On Ashlee will be working till the 28th of June, Florentine will be working till the 5th of July and then they both will enjoy their vacation.
Friday the 28th of June we will have a nice snack together to wish everybody a good summer. We would like to ask all the parents to come and have snack with us. If you would like to bake a little thing, please bring! We will have snack from 15.00-16.00.

We have noticed that not all the children have rain clothes at school. Also not all of them have extra clothes (socks, underpants, normal pants and shirts). We would like to ask you to bring rain clothes and boots to school and extra clothes for the children.


We have noticed that the gate at the front yard is not always closed entirely. We want to ask all the parents to close the gate with both locks. This is for your child’s safety.


The next and last Toy day of this term will be on Wednesday the 19th of June. All the children can bring 1 item to school that they want the share with their classmates. Please keep in mind that toy-day is a sharing moment and that little toys may get lost. 


We would like to ask all the parents to call or text us if your child is sick, not coming or if you are going to be late. Our number is: 070 4749286.

Important dates
21st of June: Closed for Midsommar
From the 2nd of July till the 27th of July: Regular pre-school is closed for summer break, summer care is given at our pre-school (the parents who need this care already informed Adriana and us)

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Best regards,

Corrie, Ashlee and Florentine


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