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Skickat: den 28 juni 2013 14:16
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Dear parents,

This is our last newsletter before summer starts! The year went very quick but before we say goodbye, a little update over the past 2 weeks.

Last week we have been working on New Zeeland and this week we worked on South Africa.
Chiara’s mom brought food, a map of the country, accessories and she painted the flag on everybody’s cheek. Thank you for all the help.
Also we have celebrated Vincents’ and Chiara-Julies’ birthday. We have been to the park and outside and we have played in the building in all the new rooms.

The lockers of the children will be moved by the new teachers to a new spot. All the clothes that were at their locker, we have putted in bags to take home.
The next semester will start on the 29th of July. Please tell the new teachers if your child will be starting on that date or maybe later.

We would like to thank your a fantastic year. All the great talks we had with you, the help with activities and the care for all the children. We wish you all a good summer and hope to see everybody after summer again!

All the best,

Ashlee, Florentine (and Corrie from the USA of course)

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