Week 35 Newsletter


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Week 35 Newsletter

Dear Parents, 

This week has been great! We welcome our new Peackocks Fatima and our new preschool teacher Mimmi. Mimmi will start on Monday. We  had such good weather again so we have been going to the park in the morning. This is great  for us to teach and practice with the kids on how to walk in a group and how to walk some distance. We will be going on excursions during the year so its good for them start becoming aware of their surroundings and how to walk in groups and they are doing great. The IPC will continue starting from next week with selecting different countries. More information is coming up next week.

Please if you have not already; turn in the allergy/contact information, permissions, and daily schedule forms as soon as possible.  Here is some extra information and a few reminders for you so that we can start with our pedagogical activities at the start of September. 


We will start circle at 9:30, so we ask that you have your child here no later than 9:15.  As many of you know or may have noticed, the school is changing.  We are now going to have theme based rooms instead of designated classrooms for each group.  Therefore, we will be having “mobile circle”.  This means, that we will have circle in different classrooms every day, depending on our schedule.  We will also have circle outside, at the park, or in the forest occasionally.  We will be leaving for these places promptly at 9:30.  This is why it is important that your child be here at 9:15. We have been singing a lot of songs and getting to know everyone!


We ask that all toys from home stay in the car or at home.  It is difficulty when children bring personal toys to school.  It often results in fights leading to toys being broken and feelings being hurt.  Once a week we will have a toy sharing day! More information next week!

Information for Parents:

A newsletter will be sent home at the end of every week updating you on what your child has done during the week, what to expect for the following week, and any important information (school closing, important dates, etc.)  If you do not have access to e-mail or a computer, we will gladly print a copy for you.  Otherwise, you can find the newsletter and other important information on the orange board outside the bathrooms upstairs. 

Daily Schedule:

An updated daily schedule will be posted on the orange board outside of the bathrooms by the end of this week.  Please look there to see which rooms your child will be in each day and at what times. If we are at the park we will also leave a sheet notifying you there.


Children’s clothing:

To make it easier for both staff and parents, it’s important to clearly label all items of clothing that are being worn at the school. In the rush of getting ready, clothes can be misplaced or lost if not labeled. All clothes with no labels will be put in the lost and found department. As autumn is approaching, please also start to bring some warmer clothes. Rain pants, rain jacket, a warmer jacket and gumboots will be needed very soon.

Important dates:

Tuesday 15th Oct: Class Photo

Wednesday 16th Oct: Class Photo

Wednesday 25th Sep: Parent Meeting 18:00-20:00

Friday 1st Nov: School closes at 14:00

Monday 11th Nov: Development day (School closed)


Best regards:

Monique J, Corrie and Mimmi

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