Junibacken 10-10


Hello Parents,


As you all know, we are going to Junibaken on Thursday the 10th.  We plan to take the bus at 9:26 from Roslag-Nasby trafikplats. We advise that your child is here and dressed by 8:40. We will arrive at Junibaken around 10:30.  We plan to have lunch a bit before 11.00 and go to the Junibaken theatre at 12:00  The children will need to bring a packed lunch!  We ask that you send a healthy lunch such as a sandwich, fruit, and a bottle of water or juice.  No candy please.  We plan to be back at the school before 3:30.  We will not wait for any children who are late!  Any children who come directly to Junibaken with their parents will be the responsibility of the parent’s for the day.


We are expecting to have our full class which is 20 children.  As of this moment we have 3 parents coming to help.  If you would be interested in coming to lend a hand or have any other questions about this Thursday please contact us.



Corrie, Monique and, Mimmi

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