11-01 Peacocks Newsletter

Dear Peacocks parents,

Information from us

We would like to thank all of the parents who attended our Halloween fika. We always enjoy having to mingle with you! Please remember that we will have our development talks on the 18th, 20th, 22nd of this month.  We will provide an opportunity for you to schedule a time in the next week.  Also, we will be going to the theatre on the 21st of this month.  If you would like to come along with us, please let us know.  Any parent that would like to come is welcome.

Our learning

Circle time: This week, the number of children present was low due to the Fall break.  We would have liked to continue with our talks about another country but we didn’t want many children to miss what we were doing.  In our circle time this week we sang counting songs, played games such as "monkey see, monkey do" where all of the children imitated on persons actions or "guess who" where the children attempted to guess a word or a thing that another child was acting out.


Baking: This week, in preparation for our Halloween fika, the children made an Americam Favorite.  S’mores dip!  The children sat together and broke up all of he chocolate with their hands.  Then they added the marshmallows and a bit of milk.  We put the ingredients into a pot and melted them together.  When that was finished we added more marshmallows to the top and baked it together until the marshmallow on top was brown.  If you tasted this at the fika you know the fished product came out perfect!

Art: In preparation for Halloween, the children have been coloring different Halloween pictures such as witches, jack-o-lanterns, cats, ect. We also hung our creepy spiders from the ceiling of the math/construction room.  


Language Development:  The children worked with the "Word picture box".  In this activity the children matched pictures with words.  With this, they learn correct words for things.  For example, seeing a picture of a foot and matching it with the word foot.  The children would learn the correct name of that object instead of maybe calling it a leg.


Math: Over the past couple of months we have carefully observed the children’s math skill individually.  We are now working more closely with the children individually.  This way we can pay attention to the needs of every child and help them to learn at their own individual speed.  The abilities in our Peacocks group range from starting to identify and write numbers and symbols to basic division and multiplication using a multiplication table.


Clothing: As of today, the weather has gotten even colder! Please send your children to school prepared for winter weather. In addition to rain clothes, please send something heavier for the children to wear underneath. Also, since there are some puddles left on the ground, please send your child to school with waterproof shoes or rain boots and extra socks.


Gym time: The children have really enjoyed the "musical pillows" game we play in the gym so we continued to play it.  We also started to play "hot potato". This game is similar to musical pillows.  The children sat in a circle and passed the "potato" around until the music stopped.  Whomever is holding the potato when the music stops sits out to cheer the other children on until the game is over.  We played with 2 potatoes so the cheering children didn’t have to sit and wait so long.  Along with this gym activity, we were sure to talk to the children about the spirit of competition.  We explained that competition is not so much about winning or losing, but more about how you play the game.  We will continue to put emphasis on that.


Important dates



Monday 11th of November

Staff development day

School will be closed 

Contact Adriana by October 15th if you should need child care.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday 18th, 20th, and 22nd

Peacocks Development Talks

We will notify you when scheduling is available


Thursday 28th of November


We will Watch a movie about Thanksgiving in the morning and we will have Thanksgiving food for lunch



If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email, call or, talk to us.

Peacocks Teachers

Futuraskolan International Pre-school




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