25-10 Peacocks Newsletter

Our learning

 The children will begin to compose a story every week using our ”Story Cubes”. There are 9 dice that have pictures on each side that the children will roll to come up with a part of our weekly story. This is a great way for the children to use their imagination and creativity. The story book will be posted on our bulliten board every friday for one week if you would like to read it.

Circle time: This week we continued our world theme with talking about Germany. We discussed the flag and coat of arms of Germany, if Germany has a king or a presiden, what the president’s name is, the capital of Germany, The Berlin wall etc. We also continued dicussing which animal family certain animals belong to.

Outings: As you all know, our front yard is being re-done so our outings have been trips to the park this week. We are planning a trip to the Library in Täby Centrum. We will keep you up to date on the progress of this plan.


Science: We have been talking about different animals and which family they belong to for almost 2 weeks. By families we mean, Reptile, Mammal, Insect, Amphibian, or Bird. The children have been learning characteristics of each family and where some animals fit in.


Art: In preparation for Halloween, the children have been coloring different Halloween pictures such as witches, jack-o-lanterns, cats, ect. The children have also begun making big spiders out of foam balls and wire pipe cleaners. The children all helped carve our class pumpkin!! Some children will not be present next week so we took this opportunity while most of them were here. The children were devided into 3 groups. One group cleaned the inside of the pumpkin, another group separated the seeds from the pulp and another group helped draw the lines we would later cut to make the face on the pumpkin. Later, the children all took turns with the carving knife (which is designed to carve the pumpkin but not to cut skin). Together we completed our Jack-o-Lantern! Pictures are attached.


Math: We have continued to use the ipad to do math games but we are placing more focus now on writing the numbers now that the children have begun to better understand the concept of mathmatics. We have also begun to challenge the children who are showing a great intrest in math by spending a few extra minutes with them together as a group and working on multiplication and different ways to solve problems.


Clothing: Please send your children to school prepared for winter weather. In addition to rain clothes, please send something heavier for the children to wear underneath. Also, since there are some puddles left on the ground, please send your child to school with waterproof shoes or rain boots and extra socks.


Gym time: This week in the gym we played a new game we call musical pillows. We put pillows around the circle and play music while the children walk around the pillows and outside the circle. When the music stops, the children must move quickly to find a pillow to sit on. The children who dont find a pillow to sit on go out and cheer on the remaining children as we remove one pillow and continue the game. The children have a great time playing this game!!


Motor Skill: This week the children were introduced to the Color Wheel Activity. The children discovered that primary colors could be mixed to create secondary colors. The children used a paper circle with two colors on it hanging by a string. When the strin is pulled, the circle spins and ”mixes” the two colors to make another. We have posted pictures of this on our bulliten board upstairs ourside the math and construction room.

Important dates


 Thursday 31st of October

Halloween-Parents coffee break 15:00 to 17:00

Children are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes.  We will ‘’trick or treat’’ between the classrooms


Monday 11th of November

Staff development day

School will be closed 

Contact Adriana by October 15th if you should need child care.


Thursday 28th of November


We will Watch a movie about Thanksgiving in the morning and we will have Thanksgiving food for lunch


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email, call or, talk to us.

Peacocks Teachers

Futuraskolan International Pre-school


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