Peacocks Newsletter 2013

Dear Peacock parents,

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We hope all of your children have had a fun and challenging time this year!  We tried our best to help all of the children as a group and individually according to their needs.  We are well on our way to accomplishing the goals we have set for language and math as well as social and motor skill.  Along the way the children have also learned facts about the world and it’s different countries and cultures.  Every day we search for the best way to reach every single child and the response is overwhelming!  We will continue to do everything we can to better prepare the children for the world outside!


Our learning

Circle time:  This year, we made great use of our circle time.  In the past, circle time was reserved for the group classroom.  Recently we have begun to have circle time in different places be it a classroom or not.  Talking with the children during circle time, we were able to see the things they had remembered and learned.  Also the children learned a bit about how to handle themselves in a group setting.  We believe this is a very important part of the day for the children and we are still working to make our circle times even better!  



English and Vocabulary: The skill of communication is a very important one in life.  It is amazing to see the children develop their language skill and their non-verbal communication.  To see a child begin at Futura speaking one language and then learn another in just a few months is incredible.  We realize the children pick up habits and speech patterns from the people around them so we encourage the children to communicate in English but still give them the freedom to speak their chosen language.  We play a lot of games where the children learn the letters and the sounds they make.  We have been working on pronunciation of certain sounds that may be foreign to the children as well.


Math:  Math skill has been something that we are very focused g math games challenging.  There are quite a few children who find the challenge of math to be very fun!  All of the children have made great progress with learning numbers, learning about quantity, addition, and subtraction.  some children are also building multiplication and division skill.  The children’s intrest makes it so much easier to find different ways to help them learn!


Science: The children have been learning science in so many different ways.  We have tried to make science more of a daily activity than one that is done on a certain day.  Our aim was to make every project fun for the children and we believe we achieved that.  The children learned about planets, gravity, buoyancy, animals, liquid vs solid, nature ect.  Looking back, science was a big part or our weekly activities.


Social skill: The children are now learning to socialize with more and more of their classmates.  They are constantly finding new relationships for numerous reasons.  Even though language is a primary means of communication, the children are learning to communicate in different ways.  Children are beginning to make better eye contact when they communicate, They are also becoming comfortable enough to try different means of communication if there is a language gap.  

It is very important to us that the children all learn to be understanding and kind to each other.  We always remind the children to practice good social habits and that communication is key in interaction with classmates.  


We have attached pictures of some of our activities.



















































If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email, call or, talk to us.


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