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Hello Peacock parents!

As a reminder, we will still be outside for 2 hours everyday. Every child should have snow pants and a coat or a snow suit, waterproof shoes, gloves, a warm hat, and extra socks. We will be sledding up to twice a week while there is snow and the school has sleds for the children to use. Please do not send sleds from home. If your child has a sled at the school, please take it home. Also, every child who would like to participate in the sledding should bring a helmet from home. Lastly, every child should also have inside shoes and a sweater or fleece to wear indoors.

Our learning

Circle time: This week in circle time we revisited the letters A and B which we learned previously. This week we learned the letter C and we took time to discus it in circle time. We have started to play a game in circle time where we use a ball that is passed from child to child. Anytime a child has the ball they have the chance to answer a quiz question. If they answer correctly or incorrectly, they roll the ball to another child who has not had the ball yet and they have a chance at answering a question. We find that this is a good way to keep the attention of the children. We hope this opens the door for greater participation in circle time!

Art: Following our learning of the letter B this week, the children colored in some worksheets of the upper-case and lower-case version of the letter. Also, the children have alot of time to draw and color freely. They all have their own personal books to draw in and they are free to take the book from their box whenever they are finished with an activity or we have free play time.

English and Vocabulary: We are continuing our learning of one letter per week. This week we are focusing on the letter B. Every child had the opportunity write the upper and lower-case on paper and to color in both versions of the letter. Along with this, during circle time we asked the children to think of words or names that begin with the letter B. The children also did some baking having to do with learning the letters! We put toger some inedible dough for the children to shape letters out of and then we baked the dough to make the letters hard. The children had loads of fun with this project.


Math:The children are still learning to build with triangles with the train track building app and we are still playing alot of different math games on the ipad that cater to each childs individual need. This week, we started with some new hands-on ideasto help the children with their math. One game is a very interactive one. The children are asked to stand and take turns pulling numbers from a box. Next, they pick up the number of balls that is on the paper. Then the children attemp to throw the balls they have through a hoop as they count. When the child is finished throwing all of their balls, it is then the next child’s turn.

The other activity we will call number pencils. In this game the children use any amount of colored pencils and a piece of paper. The children first write numbers 1-10 for example. Then they lay a colored pencil down under the number that color wrote. If the children are doing addition, all of the pencils are cleard from the paper and with every math problem, the more pencils are added to the paper just beneath the numbers. Should the children be doing subtraction, all of the pencils are put onto the paper under the colorsand as the game goes on, more pencils will be taken off of the paper.

We are attempting to show the children how to do math in a way where they actually see the processes and learn to understand them.


The World: This week, we learned about Switzerland. We talked about, the Swiss President, Swiss army knives, Where Switzerland is in proximity to Sweden, The Currency among other things. At the end of the week, Michael, Jonathan and, Christoffer’s father came in to the class to share some things about Switzerland!  The children really enjoyed this. Thank you Fredrik and Marianne!


If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email, call, or speak directly with us.  


The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Savita

Futuraskolan International Pre-school

























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