Letter from the PSA

Dear Parents,


As you may have heard we have had another lice attack at the pre-school. At the moment only one group is affected but unless effective measures are taken to treat the infestation it will quickly spread (like it did before).You may recall that last term the school had several cases of head lice and the matter was eventually brought under control and eliminated. Following that episode, new measures were discussed and put into place through a revised Health and Sick Policy, which was circulated to all parents and also discussed and agreed at the parents’ meeting in September of last year. 


At the present moment the pre-school policy is to collect your child as soon as possible on notification, do the required treatment and keep your child out of the pre-school for 48 hours. The 2 weeks follow up procedures are also as important.


We now understand that some parents have raised concerns with the policy and we are willing to listen and come to a mutual agreement to eradicate lice problem.


Important to keep in mind that the policy was created to protect all children and staff at the pre-school and to avoid a total infestation. 


It is paramount that when your child has lice that he/she is removed from the school quickly. Children cannot be kept in isolation as it is unfair to the child and it is not something the pre-school wishes to do.

However, as parents who have been affected in the past, we know that it takes some time to eradicate the lice from the hair and the home. It is also unfair to other children and their parents as well as the staff to not pick up your child promptly after lice notification or/and send them back to pre-school without being 100% sure that both lice and eggs are gone (within 48 hours).


We (the PSA) welcome comments and feedback before 24 February and will discuss them at the next PSA meeting.


This is the current policy for dealing with head lice:


"Head lice

The child has to be at home for 48 hours and can only return to the pre-school when completely free from lice and nits (lice eggs). Parents will sign a Form where they take responsibility for the treatment and the follow-up during 3 weeks."


The PSA would be grateful if you could let us know if you are happy with this policy or would like to change it. Please mark below which of the statements you agree with and send it back to your PSA representative.

Flamingoes parents shall send their answers to Adriana because Sara Ekenryd in on vacation.


I would like to keep the current policy for dealing with head lice. [  ]


I would like to change the current policy for dealing with head lice. [  ]

In this case, how?…………………………………………………………


Many thanks for your help.



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