Dear parents,

We have found 8 cases of lice in the Flamingoes group 🙁  

Please check your child´s head!

When we tell you ,parents, to check your kid´s heads, it is very important to do it right. It is not possible to see the lices just by looking…To be able to really see if your child has lice, you need to use a lice comb. You need to wet your child´s hair, put some balsam and then you need to comb your child´s hair several times, in all directions. If you find lices, you need to do the treatment. The follow-up is very very important! To comb the child´s hair everyday for two weeks and repeat the treatment after 7 days is as important.

Please check this video for intructions:

Some parents have given us suggestios about the products that are good to use:

1.     There is a product called PARANIX ( to be used over night) that seems to be really good.

2.     There is a comb called Nitfree which is sold at Life, hälsokraft and halsä för alla. ( This comb is good to take away lice and also Lice eggs.)

The nits (lice eggs) need to be combed away because the treatment has no effect on the eggs. If they are not taken off the hair, the lices will come back.

The follow up is very important! 

-Parents need to comb the child´s hair everyday during 2 weeks with the lice comb.

-After 7 days, the treatment shall be repeated.

-Clothes, bed clothing, hats, stuffed animals, carpets need to be washed

We are taking this situation very seriously and to avoid infestation, we have decided to take some drastic measures.

1.     Children with lices will be sent home for 48 hours

2.     Parents will sign a Notification Form 

3.     Children can only come back to the pre-school when they are completly free of lices and lice eggs.

This week-end 22/02 and 23/2 we will have a lice treatment week-end!

I would like to ask all parents to do the Lice treatment in your kids(maybe your family?) during this week-end!

Please take your kid´s clothes from the pre-school(all of them) and wash them over the week-end.

Don´t forget to wash the bed clothing, hats, stuffed animals, etc

 Here you can find information Regarding Head lice:

I hope you all understand and cooperate with us.

We want to protect all the children, parents and staff in order to avoid infestation

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Adriana Marx Norén


Futuraskolan International Pre-school Täby





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