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Some of you may already know, Corrie is going on parental leave.  His final regular day will be the 14th of march.  He will be in once a week on tuesdays until the parent leave is over.  

As a reminder, we will still be outside for 2 hours everyday. Every child should have snow pants and a coat or a snow suit, waterproof shoes, gloves, a warm hat, and extra socks. The weather is a bit nasty at the moment and the children get very dirty when they play outside.  Please try to take home outside clothes to be washed.  Lastly, every child should also have inside shoes and a sweater or fleece to wear indoors.

We have also found 8 cases of lice in the Flamingoes group 🙁  

Please check your child´s head!

When we tell you ,parents, to check your kid´s heads, it is very important to do it right. It is not possible to see the lice just by looking…To be able to really see if your child has lice, you need to use a lice comb. You need to wet your child´s hair, put some balsam and then you need to comb your child´s hair several times, in all directions. If you find lices, you need to do the treatment. The follow-up is very very important! To comb the child´s hair everyday for two weeks and repeat the treatment after 7 days is as important.

Please check this video for intructions:



Our learning

Social skill: this week we continued mixing the Flamingos and Peacocks groups for about an hour on Thursdays. The purpose of the mixing of the groups is to better prepare the children who will be going to school next season and for the children to be able to socialize with children they may not have much contact with over the course of a normal day. Some of the children are former classmates so they are getting to spend some time with old friends again. We think it is very important that the children have some time to socialize with children other that the ones in their groups.

Art: This week we are continuing with makeing our toilet paper roll houses. For a lack of supplies we hadnt been able to finish the project but now we have what we need! There will be more news of this activity to come.

 and Vocabulary: One of the purposes of combining the Flamingos and Peacocks groups is to develop the childrens language and vocabulary skill. Some children need special attention in either English or Swedish and we intend to provide that attention. The children did some activities that focused on pronounciation and grammar. We believe this will not only help develop the childrens language skill but also their confidence to speak different languages oher than their own.

The other purpose of mixing groups is to develop the childrens math skill. The children were devided into 4 groups and had some time to do a number of activities. Every activity was a short one so as not to lose the childrens focus. This week, mixing the groups was deffinately a success! The children did some math using the color pencil activity, they constructed their own game with the hoop activity, and they built different shapes using triangle cutouts amongst a couple of other activities.

Science: This week the children learned about the different states of matter and molecules.  On monday, the children were devided into 3 groups and did 3 different activites concerning liquids, solids, and gas.  We have attached pictures!

Outing: As you all know, we were planning to have our Vasa Loppet this friday but we had no snow until thursday!  Instead the Peacocks went to the big hill in the park behind the school and built snowmen.  We brought along some snacks and juice for the children as well so it may slightly resemble Vasa Loppet.  We are instead planning an ”Amazing Race”.  Hopefully this will take place next month.  We will send more details soon.

Important Dates:

Friday 28th of February- The Peacocks will talk with Hanna Duster over skype at 10:30.

24th-28th of February- Sport lov (the school will be open for regular care)

Thursday 6th of March- Parents meeting

If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email, call, or speak directly with us.


The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Savita

Futuraskolan International Pre-school




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