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Hello Peacock parents,

Information from us, week 13

In the last week of the ‘organs’ theme the peacocks where introduced to a new organ, the kidney. They where shown pictures and videos regarding the organ.
In addition it’s location, size and function was repeated throughout the week to enable the children in learning about organs.

HELP! We have two parents who are already joining us on our  museum trip on the 15th of April, but we need two more to join us. Please let us know if you would like to join us on that day. 

We have noticed some children don’t have indoor shoes, this is very important for their safety. We would like to ask you to take a look at that. Thanks

Some of you have informed us verbally or on paper about your child’s schedule for ‘Easter and Valborg’. We would like to ask the rest of the parents also to inform us about their child’s whereabouts during the Easter en Valborg before the 4th of April.

The Peacocks have a new phone number 0767233869. Please make a note of this!


Our Learning

Science and art: In continuation with our “body organs” theme the children were introduced to another organ – Kidney. An activity regarding ‘body organs’ was done in which each child was given an outline of the human body and they had to paste all five organs, taught till now, at their correct location. They also made intestines using ‘play dough’ and ‘pipecleaners’. Please take a look in the science room where you can find their art work.

Amazing race: We went for the Amazing race on Tuesday. This race was truly ‘AMAZING’ in the sense the peacocks had to work with each other to complete a given set of tasks to win the race. The tasks where designed by teachers of our school, in such a manner that not only where they fun to do but the children also gained some knowledge while doing them. For example; they had to complete a puzzle, put it in an envelope and then post it to the school. In completing this task, the peacocks learned the steps involved in posting letters/postcards etc. In the end all the children agreed on one thing that this race was truly AMAZING!

Fire station: On Wednesday we went together with the flamingoes to the fire station. The children got to do three activities; looking at the fire truck, watch a movie about what fireman do in case of a fire and the children also tried to ‘put out’ the fire with the water hose. The children enjoyed it very much!

Maths Activity: Counting and adding using beads proved to be a hit with the children. The children were given strings and beads, and according to the number written on the paper to which the strings were stuck, they had to put the same number of beads in their corresponding thread. In the next step another number was added to the previous one and so they had to add more beads. In this way they managed to make a necklace and a bracelet.

Today we went to the park. We had circle time amidst the greenery with the sun shining upon us and there we did a math game. The children had to work in teams and solve small additions and subtractions.
After that the children were asked to narrate the story of  "Gruffalo" by looking at the pictures in the book.

Important Dates:

Tuesday 15th of April- Peacocks will go to the Natural History Museum. If any parents would like to attend please let us know.

Thursday 17th of April- Day before Good Friday. Pre-school closes at 14.00
Friday 18th of April- Pre-school closed for Good Friday
Monday 21st of April- Pre-school closed for Easter Monday

Thursday 30th of April – Day before Valborg. Pre-school closes at 14.00
Friday 1st of May – pre-school closed for Valborg

If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email, call, or speak directly with us.


The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Savita

Futuraskolan International Pre-school





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