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Newsletter week 48

Dear Peacocks parents,


In January we will start our theme ‘changes’ beginning with the book of the hungry caterpillar. For this we will already start collecting plastic bottle caps in all different colors and sizes.

We will make a big caterpillar and butterfly with it.

We would to ask you to save them for us and leave them with us or in your child’s locker.

Thanks for your help!


We will be outside in all weather conditions. Please bring clothes for your children that are appropriate for the weather. We can not change the weather and we will be outside in snow, rain and sun, it is important that your child has warm and rain proof clothes to wear.


Our learning:


Thursday it is Thanksgiving, this week we will have our last art activities with Thanksgiving. Corrie asked the children in circle time different questions about the history of Thanksgiving.

After circle time the children made a Turkey by coloring all parts and putting them together but sticking them on a colored paper. You can see their turkeys up on the wall outside of the science room.


In the afternoon the children played outside and practiced the Lucia songs.  


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Feel a sense of participating and create a feeling and respect for other cultures

* Develop their creative abilities



In the morning we finished coloring the cornacopian. Also the children could read a book, draw and follow the line exercise.


After lunch we went outside, practiced songs and listed to the thanksgiving story tolled by Corrie.


After lunch the children went outside and played in the library and 5-senses room.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their creative abilities and the ability to convey impressions

* Develop their interest in the written and spoken language



In the morning we watched the Charlie Brown thanksgiving movie with the whole school!

After that the children danced on waka waka and on ‘I’m a gummy bear’. In the art room the children played with play dough, they could draw and play with the beads.

After lunch we made a real cornacopian with ice cone and dried fruits.

With snack all children ate their cornacopian.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn



In the morning we baked apple pie! The children helped putting the dough in the baking pan and put the apples in it. With snack all children ate a piece of apple pie. It was very nice.

After baking the children played in the math and construction room. They played with the blocks, Legos, cars and made a thanksgiving drawing.


We hade a special thanksgiving lunch with turkey. Also miss Jessica with her baby, sofie, came to say hello to us!

We went outside and after that we watched a puppet show about thanksgiving performed by the flamingoes group. They did very well and it was a great show!


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn

* Develop their abilities to express themselves in many ways such as art and play



In the morning we practiced the Lucia songs with the whole school. After that we had snack time and the group was divided in to groups, one in the art room and the other one in the gym. They could choose out of three stations; beads, play dough and drawing a thanksgiving drawing.


We finished Thanksgiving, all children got their artwork home. Next week we will continue with our Nobel project and preparing for Lucia and Christmas.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

*Develop their ability to play and learn

*Develop their creative abilities


Important dates:

December 10th: Nobel day celebration lunch (all children will come in black tie)

December 12th: Lucia celebration from 15.00-17.00

December 15th: Staff meeting –  pre-school closes at 16.00

December 17th: Toy day


Important information:


Nobel: On Wednesday December 10th it is Nobel day. The Peacocks are working on getting the Nobel prize for Physics.

We will have a Nobel lunch with the whole school and the dress code is black tie. We can not change all the children to their black tie outfits, but we can help them but on their tie or accessorize just before lunch.


Lucia: On Friday December 12th is it Lucia! We are already practicing the songs and the kids are discussing what to wear. They are welcome to bring Lucia clothes (f.ex. stjärngossar, tomte/santa, Gingerbread man or lucia) to school. We can get them dressed before we go outside to sing in the afternoon. BUT, please make sure the clothes are big enough to put over their jackets. Or tell your child they will have their clothes underneath.


We have toyday every last Wednesday of the month. The children can bring one toy (game or toy to share) to school. The children and us try to take the best care of the toys but small toys may get lost. We kindly ask you to not give your child toys to school on the other days. Our next toyday will be on the 17st of December.


It is getting darker! When you pick up your child, make sure you tell the signing out person (yellow vest) that you picked up child as it is very difficult for this person to see everything that is happening in the yard.

Also it is important to tell the signing in person in the morning (yellow vest) if someone else is picking up your child.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or speak directly with us.



The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Angelika

Futuraskolan International Pre-school



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