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Hello Peacock parents,


Information from us, week 24

Thanks: We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for an amazing year. 
The children have learned a lot and we have seen them grow. Some will start school and some will stay with us next year. Also we have Hannah and Avneet leaving Sweden to live with their families in England. We wish all of you good luck with the start of something new, a great summer and, for those who stay with us, see you next term!

Last day’s of this term: In the month of June and July we will say goodby to some children. 
We would like to ask all the parents to take everything from their child’s’ locker home before summer so we can clean and organize the cloak room for next term. 
Everything that is left at the pre-school will be given to the Red cross.
Our last days for this term are; Florentine Friday 28th of June, Savita 30th of June, Asma 4th of July.

Next term: At the end of June the parents of the children that will stay with us, will receive a welcome email from the new classroom and teachers.


Our learning

Summerparty: Last Wednesday we celebrated the graduation of the children that will go to school and the (almost) end of the term. 
We hope you have enjoyed all the performances of the children as much as we did. 
For this summer party they children have been practicing dances, different songs and did lots of art works in the past weeks.


Math: The children were given more practise in Maths by devising games in which they had to use their mental faculties. We have been doing some games earlier also  in which they had to throw balls thhrough the ring to strengthen their counting ability. They were also given a concept of time by making them familiar with the clock and counting the numbers on it.


Language: We have been emphasising on making children familiar with the English alphabet. We have been giving them sheets with all the letters on it so they could color them and trace the letters. 
Also we read the book-The Room on the broom. We used the picture aid to retell the story and do the sequencing as and when their part came in the story.


Important Dates:

Friday 20th of June – Pre school is closed for Midsommar 

Monday 7th of July – Summer care at Myrlejonet (Only for those who have submitted their holiday fors for care during this time)

Monday 4th of August – first day of the new term for the full time children
Monday 18th of August –  first day of the new term for the part time children 
Thursday 14th and Friday the 15th of August – Staff Development days, Pre-school is closed


This is our last newsletter before summer, but if you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email, call, or speak directly with us.








The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Savita

Futuraskolan International Pre-school



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