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Hello Peacock parents,


Information from us, week 21

Outside toy day: Our next outside toy day will be on Wednesday 28th of May. 
We would like to ask you to find a toy that is appropriate to play outside with, that your child can bring to school. We will be having this Toy day at the little park. 

Summer party: On wednesday the 4th of June we have the Summer party. The children are very busy preparing for this event. The performance of the children will start at 15.00hrs. More information will follow in the next month.

This week we have been enjoying the lovely weather outside by going to the park and forest.

Our learning

Garden week: This week we have been fixing the front yard. We got lots of help from parents, thanks for that! From next week on the children will be able to play in the front yard again and enjoy all the new, colorful, activities.

Fingerprint: This activity was done to make the children understand that everybody is unique. They firstly made their thumb prints using the play dough, then they made their portrait and hand print by dipping their hand in paint. The children really enjoyed this activity.

Math and teamwork: In our circle time we have been practicing our mental math. The children learned different ways to make 20 using both addition and subtraction.

We also played a math board game to reinforce their counting skills and to build team spirit. Children were divided into 3 groups. Each was given a board game with the shape of a mouth. There where 20 milk teeth (beads). Each teams task was to roll the dice and remove the beads according to the number on the dice. With each team, one member had to roll the dice and one had to count and remove the beads. It was great fun for the children. They polished their counting skills and at the same time it was a great building exercise.

Reading and comprehension skills: In our circle time, we are reading a lot of books. The children are not only developing good listening skills but their comprehension skills are also improving. We talk about the moral of the story and relate it to our experiences. 


Important Dates:

Wednesday 28th of May – Day before Kristihimmelfärd. Pre-school closes at 14.00
Thursday 29st of May – pre-school closed for Kristihimmelfärd

Wednesday 4th of June – Summer Party at 15.00
Thursday 5th of June – Day before Nationaldag. Pre-school closes at 14.00
Friday 6th of June – Svensk Nationaldag. Pre-school is closed

Thursday 14th and Friday the 15th of August – Staff Development days. Pre-school is closed


If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email, call, or speak directly with us.




The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Savita

Futuraskolan International Pre-school



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