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Ämne: Welcome to the Garden week



Dear parents,

We will need a lot of help this week , specially on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when we will be painting trees, tires and the asphalt! 

Your help is greatly appreciated!




Monday 19/05

Teachers in charge: Jennifer & Meriy


       Sweep the ground

       Wash the asfalt



Tuesday 20/05  

Teachers in charge: Poh Ling & Raji


– Planting bulbs inside tires




Wednesday 21/05

Teachers in charge: Olga & Asma 


-Painting tires



Thursday 22/05  

Teachers in charge: Monique & Savita


– Painting trees



Friday  23/05


Teachers in charge: Florentine & Ritu


–  Painting stones with colours and numbers

–  Cleaning and washing asphalt and painting 4-square/ 2square  



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