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Newsletter week 45

Dear Peacocks parents,


Important dates and information about Thanksgiving can be found at the bottom of our newsletter.


We will be outside in all weather conditions. Please bring clothes for your children that are appropriate for the weather. We can not change the weather and we will be outside in snow, rain and sun, it is important that your child has warm and rain proof clothes to wear.


It is getting darker! When you pick up your child, make sure you tell the signing out person (yellow vest) that you picked up child as it is very difficult for this person to see everything that is happening in the yard.

Also it is important to tell the signing in person in the morning (yellow vest) if someone else is picking up your child.


Our learning:


When we were outside in the morning we asked the children to look for all different shaped leaves.


In the morning the children were divided in three groups where they learned all the parts that belong to a leaf. Also they did an art/science activity, they children took a leave that they found outside, left it underneath a white paper, after that they rubbed crayons over so the outlines of the leave would appear and the beautiful patterns were revealed. You can find their work in the science room upstairs.


After lunch the children had dance class from Hebert.

At the moment we have a new teacher joining us on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Her name is Kelly and is from the United States.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn

* Develop their self-autonomy and confidence in their own ability

*  Develop a respect for all forms of life, as well as care for their immediate environment



In the morning the children had different activities they could choose from. In the library they could read a book themselves, listen to stories of books on the Ipad or listen to a book one of us red to them.

In the 5-senses room the children could draw, play with duplo or blocks.

We also showed the children how to take care of the books, after explaining the children showed each other how to flip the pages of the book and but the books back on their spots.


In the afternoon the children made a ‘follow the line’ sheet and went outside.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their creative abilities and the ability to convey impressions



In the morning we stayed a little longer outside, they have been doing some exercises, running around the yard and the relay race. For next week the weather forecast is maximum 10 degrees, please make sure your child has proper (labeled) clothes at school.


In the math and construction room the children choose with what they wanted to play with. They have been; building with the big blocks, lego, duplo, they read books about ‘small and big’ and played with the magnetic numbers.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn



In the morning we had our first practice of singing the Lucia songs. As it was snowy we did this outside to get the right feeling!

In circle time we introduced ‘day cards’. Next to the pink mirrors upstairs we have a velcro tape where we hang up pictures with what we will do that day.

Monday we will have the days of the week there aswell and also will it say which two children are the helping hands of the day.

The purpose of this all, is to make the children aware of the day, the routines and their responsibilities.


In the math and construction room the children could choose where they wanted to play.
Also they have learned about the letter a, they made a worksheet, did jolly phonics and learned the sound and to recognise the sound of the a in a word.


After lunch we baked cookies with a small marshmallow on top:)


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn

* Develop their understanding of the basics of quantity and measurements



In the art room the children did an art activity. They had to color in a leaf on a white paper. After that they crushed the paper, opened it, crushed it again and after that they painted the whole paper. They made a maple leaf batik print.

The great end result you can see in the art room.


In the gym we did several small games such as; musical pillows, pillow tag and hot potato.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

*Develop their motor skills

*Develop their ability to play and learn

*Develop their creative abilities


Important dates:
November 10th: Staff Development day – Pre-school is closed

November 17-19th: Development talks Peacocks

November 26th: Toyday!

November 27th: Thanksgiving lunch

December 10th: Nobel day celebration lunch (all children will come in black tie)

December 12th: Lucia celebration from 15.00-17.00

December 15th: Staff Development day –  pre-school is closed


Important information:

Thanksgiving: On the 27th of November it is Thanksgiving. We will celebrate that by having a special lunch together. In order to teach the children about this tradition we will watch several movies, art and language activities and discuss the meaning of the tradition in circle time.

The purpose of celebrating this tradition is to teach the children about the history of Thanksgiving and to develop feeling and respect for other cultures. Also to learn about sharing and appreciation what they have and a better understanding of the world around them.

If you have any concerns about the celebration, please let us know before November 14th.


Its getting colder!: Please make sure your child has outdoor clothes according to the weather (hats and gloves).


We have toy day every last wednesday of the month. The children can bring one toy (game or toy to share) to school. The children and us try to take the best care of the toys but small toys may get lost. We kindly ask you to not give your child toys to school on the other days. Our next toy day will be on the 26st of November.


We have noticed that often it happens that a child is picked up by someone else then you.

If this is the case please let us know by sending us a text message, phone call, email or directly speaking to us. This is for the safety of your child!

Also please remember that the children are not allowed to climb on the gate and fence. To keep it safe for the children we kindly ask you to not lift your children from or over the fence.  When saying goodbye or picking up a child, please do not approach or stand outside the fence.  The children will come to the fence and want to climb it which is no ok.  

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or speak directly with us.




The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Angelika

Futuraskolan International Pre-school




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