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Newsletter week 37

Dear Peacocks parents,


This week we had the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday together with the Flamingoes. Also we had Health day in the park.


On the wall in the math and construction room we will hang up all children’s work. Please take a look to see what they have been doing. Also we will put pictures and some work of the children in their portfolio’s, you can always come in and look at them.


Our learning:



In circle time we had a recap of all the information the children got last week. After that the children started with an activity that will continue the whole week. In their country groups they colored the Olympic flag on a big paper. Corrie made a Imotion movie of this and it shows all the children participating in making the Olympic flag.


In the science room Asma did an experiment with a candle in a bowl with blue water.  She lit a small candle and explained to the children that when you want to light a fire, air is very important. Without air the candle will turn out.

After explaining, she asked the children what they thought would happen if she put a glass cup over the candle. The air would disappear and the light will go out.

The children were very interested and looked like real professors.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn

* Develop their self-autonomy and confidence in their own ability

* Develop their motor skills. Ability to coordinate awareness of their own body.



In the library the children read books and they made their own passport. The children drew the flag of the country they represent during this Olympics and the flag of the host country.  They also wrote down some "personal information" and drew their pictures.


On Monday and Tuesday afternoon there will be dance and capoeira classes for the children. On Monday they will get dance lessons from Hebert and on Tuesday capoeira from China. The children had lots of fun!


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

*Develop their use of spoken language, vocabulary and concepts, as well as the ability to play with words, relate something and express their thoughts.



Last week the children learned about the different continents and the countries that are on each continent. We did a recap where the children had to combine the flag to the country and then to the right continent. The children did very well and could name most of the countries we talked about and continents.


The children finished their passport and colored in pictures of different sports.


* Develop their creative abilities and the ability to convey impressions and thoughts.



In the morning we were outside. Together with the flamingoes we practiced the opening ceremony for the Olympics. It was the first time together with their country group and the first activity. It was very nice to see all the groups work together.


In the afternoon we played in the math and construction room. The children used all different blocks to build and played a math games


* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn.



Today it was Health day, we had snack and did some exercises with the whole school at the big park. After that the children could play in the big park.

Just before lunch we went back to school where we had the official opening of the Olympics together with the Flamingoes. This was a great success! The movie of the opening will follow.

After lunch we went in to the art room where the children painted their hand yellow or orange and stuck them on a big white paper. All the hands together will form the fire of the Olympic torch.  


* Develop their motor skills. Ability to coordinate awareness of their own body.

* Develop their creative abilities and the ability to convey impressions, thoughts and experiences.


Important dates:

September 18th: Staff meeting – School closes at 16.00
September 26th: Futura Olympics

September 29th: Parents meeting 18.00-20.00 – All parents are invited to come to the school, more information will follow


Important information:


Not all children have indoor shoes, its for their own safety they have to wear them. Also we will be using the gym a lot in the next few weeks, and it’s to dangerous for the the children without indoor shoes to play in the gym.


To be able to start our activities with all the children we we would like to let you know that we have snack and circle time at 9.30 and start our activities no later than 10.00.

We have seen that many children want their parents to stay longer, and that is very normal. Leaving your child at the pre-school can sometimes be a challenge. For children saying goodbye is more difficult when you stay for a long time. We know it can be though, but for the child it’s often better when you leave quickly after drop-off. Except of Monday when we have planning time, one of the Peacock teachers is always at school from 8.00.


Every last Wednesday of the month we have toy-day. Please make sure your child does not bring toys, money, bears or other things from home on other days. Also, please do not send toy guns or Legos to school with the children. These things can be a distraction.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or speak directly with us.




The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Angelika

Futuraskolan International Pre-school



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