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Newsletter week 42

Dear Peacocks parents,


Monday October 20th we have a staff meeting, the school clothes at 16.00 that day.


The Peacocks group will have their school pictures taken on Tuesday 21st of October.


This week we made two movies that you can watch by using the link below the links to the pictures.


Our learning:


In all circle times we will discuss; the days of the week, the day and date of today, the mount, year and season we are in. Also we talk about the weather by using different word-picture cards.


In the morning the children made a drawing of everything they could think of about fall. Also they have played a card game in the board games room and tried to follow a line with a pencil.


On Friday we made crystal starts for chemistry day. Today we saw the end result! Below you find a movie and pic collage of them.


Also we pay a lot of attention on how we treat each other at school. We noticed that it’s necessary to go back to basics of; "treat the other as you want to be treated yourself", use your words and not your hands.

We will talk to you when we notice repeatedly behavior that is not ok at school.


In the afternoon the children had dance class from Hebert. Attached you find the link to a great movie of the kids!!


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn

* Develop their self-autonomy and confidence in their own ability

* Develop their motor skills



In circle time we discussed the calendar and again how we treat each other at school.

After snack and circle time the children colored in a picture where we will make a pinwheel from, also they did a vocabulary exercise with Jelena about the seasons and weather. The children had to connect cards together. For example; autumn – rain, boots, leaves falling down.


After lunch we went outside and had Capoeira class.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

*Develop their use of spoken language, vocabulary and concepts, as well as the ability to play with words, relate something and express their thoughts.

* Develop their creative abilities and the ability to convey impressions



The children practiced cutting when they cut out the square for the pinwheel. We used glue to glue the end parts together.


In the math and construction room the children could choose where they wanted to play with. Some made great works with lego, some used the Ipad to learn to write numbers.


In the afternoon we went to the forest were they all looked for three leaves to bring to school. We will let them dry and have different art activities in the following weeks. .

We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their motor skills

* Develop their ability to use quantity. order and number concepts



In the morning we had a fire drill. We practiced what we should do in case of a fire. The children all listened very well to the teachers and everybody got safe out of the building. In case of a fire the children do not have time to put on their outdoor shoes. That is why we ask you again to please make sure your child has (labeled) indoor shoes.


In the afternoon we watched the movie ‘Despicable me’ we had popcorn and chocolate milk. They children very much enjoyed it!


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

* Develop their curiosity and enjoyment, as well as their ability to play and learn.



After snack we went to the park. Although it was chilly outside the children had great fun.

In the afternoon some children finished their pinwheel and some started a painting activity with the leaves we found on Wednesday.


We have been working on the following Lpfö goals:

*Develop their motor skills

*Develop their ability to play and learn

*Develop their creative abilities


Important dates:

October 20th: Staff meeting, school clothes at 16.00

October 21st: class photo’s

October 24th: We will get a music workshop at school from students that are doing the  NAIP-European Master of Music-program at Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm
October 29th: Toy day

October 31st: Halloween Fika with parents from 15.00-17.00

Week 44: Höstlov – School is open! Part-time children are off.


Important information:


Its getting colder! Please make sure your child has outdoor clothes according to the weather (hats and gloves).


We will have toyday every last Wednesday of the month. The next toyday will be on the 29th of October.

We kindly ask you to not give your child toys to school on the other days.

Also, this week one of the children brought in chocolates, we can not allow children to bring in candy to school. Please make sure this does not happen, it puts us in a very difficult position.


We have noticed that often it happens that a child is picked up by someone else then you.

If this is the case please let us know by sending us a text message, phone call, email or directly speaking to us. This is for the safety of your child!

Also please remember that the children are not allowed to climb on the gate and fence. To keep it safe for the children we kindly ask you to not lift your children from or over the fence.  When saying goodbye or picking up a child, please do not approach or stand outside the fence.  The children will come to the fence and want to climb it which is no ok.  


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or speak directly with us.



The Peacocks Teachers

Corrie, Asma, Florentine, and Angelika

Futuraskolan International Pre-school








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