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My name is Alison Levin and I have children in the Kiwis and  Flamingoes classes.  Last year I was on the PSA and started the Scholastic Book Club at Futura International Pre-School.  I’m no longer on the PSA but have agreed to continue to volunteer to run the Book Club for the pre-school.  On Friday I put a leaflet in your child’s spot at the pre-school and set up our ISBC school group order online. This means you can now order all the books in your Book Clubs leaflet and many more at and have the books delivered directly to school.

You need to order your books by Friday 30th November 2012. After that date, I’ll confirm that all orders are in and the books will be delivered to school for me to put in your child’s spot. Every book you buy from ISBC helps us to earn commission to spend on much-needed books for our library!  A big thank you to all the parents who ordered from the last leaflet.  Thanks to you we were able to get 19 new books for the pre-school!

Take a look at what’s on offer here – there are some great bargains as well as books that you won’t find on any other book club!  Be sure to order directly from and not Scholastic’s general website so that the pre-school can benefit from your order and receive the free books that will be allocated because of your order.  Thanks for your support!

Kind regards

Alison Levin

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