Dear parents,

Our learning

This week we finished painting our bodies and all the children made their own face. We have been playing the game ‘no feet on the floor’ in the gym. We played a game where the children need to point their body parts and also point these body parts on another body. That was a lot of fun!

In the classroom we have a cabin with draws. In here all the games and books, fitting the theme, are.

Also we added a few new learning materials in the classroom. We have pictures with the activities of the day. We have the numbers from 1-10 and we have the days of the week. In next few weeks we will add the ABC, the month of the year and the seasons with their birthdays. Also all the children will have a picture on the ground for circle time.

Information from us

The new theme all about me will be about our body, where we come from, food that we like, our family and much more. If your child would like to bring books or games about the body, food etc. you are more than welcome to!  We will have a cabin with all games and books where children can work with after circle time.

We would like to ask all the parents to call or text us if your child is sick, not coming or if you are going to be late. Our number is: 070 4749286.

Parent meeting:

After Adrina spook to the parents (we hope everybody can reed the notes she sent to you by mail), the parents went to the room where from their child. We talked about:

– Circle time: Circle time is an important moment of the day, children are learning a lot. When the circle time is being interrupted, the pedagogical moment is gone.

We looked at the children’s schedules and we decided that we will have snack from 9-9.15 and the circle time from 9.15-10.00. Please do not enter the room between 9.15 and 10.00. On the door there will be a picture of chairs in a circle; this is the sign that we are having circle time.

– Park day! On Friday we go to the park. In wintertime this is the hill behind the swimming pool in the little park. We will be having snack from 8.45- 9.00 and we will leave the building at 9.30. Please make sure we can leave the building at 9.30 so the children have enough time to enjoy the park.

– Saying goodbye to your child is always difficult. Children get used at the time that you stay in the room. They will expect you to stay longer and longer. This way saying goodbye will be more and more difficult. We want to ask you to try not to stay to long in the classroom.

– The corners in the room

– The new theme All about me

– If you would like to join the class for a day, you are always welcome. Please let us 2 days on forehand know.

– At the moment not all the children are sleeping anymore. This is no problem, please let us know if you want your child to sleep or not (or for instance 30 min).


Important dates

8th of February: Development day for the staff. The pre-school is not offering normal care. If you need care that day, please inform Adriana.

28th of March: regular pre-school is open till 14.00
29th of March: closed for Good Friday
1st of April: closed for Easter

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Best regards,

Corrie and Florentine



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