4-10 Newsletter

Dear Peacocks parents,

Information from us:

We would like to welcome Hjalmar to the Peacocks class!  We hope he will find our group to be fun and challenging!  This week we’ve continued to build with the children’s math and English skill.

Our learning

Circle time: This week in circle time we began with studying New York. The children learned about the Statue of Liberty and some history behind it. We also talked a bit about the Empire State building. Most of the children in the Peacocks are familiar with the ”NY” logo that they have seen on baseball caps and shirts but now they know the logo belongs to the New York Yankees baseball team. We also took time to show the children the Flag of New York, The subway trains, and to talk about the population of New York city.


Art: This week, the children colored in pictures of the Statue of Liberty in observance of our New York learning. Towards the end of the week we spoke a little about the olympics and colored some pictures of athletes participating in Olympic events such as basketball, hockey, the Equestrian events. We also have a plan to make an ”Olympic torch.” Hopefully this is something we can accomplish on the way to our Olympics day.


Math: This week the children have begun to use the colored abacus to figure out math problems. This is moving along slowly but surely!


Clothing: Most of the children are coming to school dressed for cold weather but still some children may not have hats or gloves. Please be sure to bring those things for your child. Also, a rain jacket is not enough to keep a child warm. Every child should have a heavier jacket to wear underneath their rain jacket.


Outings: The children took part in our 2nd FuturaSkolan Olympics!  After all of the children had arrived at the school, we started our journey to Östermalms IP.  We walked to Roslag-Nasby Trafikplats where we took the bus to town.  When we arrived at Stadion we got off of the bus and walked the rest of the way.  All of the children traveled very well!  Finally we Arrived at Östermalms IP where we sat and had our morning snack and afterwards began our Olympic games!  The children had a great time being outside and playing the games.  Some pictures are attached.  


Important dates



None Scheduled


Thursday 10th of October

Peacocks will go to Junibacken

Arrive at the pre-school by 8:15


Friday 11th of October

Chemistry day
Every class will make a chemistry/science experiment in the morning and the results and pictures/documentation will be displayed in the Math room/Construction room during the afternoon (after lunch)


Tuesday 15th&16th of October

Class Photo

Please dress children nicely.


Thursday 31st of October

Halloween-Parents coffee break 15:00 to 17:00

Children are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes.  We will ‘’trick or treat’’ between the classrooms


Monday 11th of November

Staff development day

School will be closed 

Contact Adriana by October 15th if you should need child care.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email, call or, talk to us.


Corrie, Monique, and Mimmi

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